Wiz Quests in Final Fantasy 15 – Chocobos

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Wiz’s quests in Final Fantasy 15 are related to chocobos and chocoberizas. Below we explain what you have to do in each one.

Before starting Wiz’s missions in FF15 we will need to make an additional order

In order to access the missions of the owner of the chocoberizas, we will have to have previously completed a mission:

It smells like Chocobo here

  • Requirement: Start Chapter 3
  • Recommended level: 15
  • Reward: 1,500 EXP and the chocobo whistle

Prompto will propose us to go to the Chocoberizas at the beginning of the chapter, and when we arrive we will talk to Wiz and to complete the mission we will have to do the raid The Terror of Duscae

The Terror of Duscae

In this hunt we will have to defeat the Becyclops, a wolf-shaped beast with bull’s horns that is scaring the Chocobos. It is found in the Nebula Forest, and is vulnerable to fire, greatswords, and shields.

The recommendation is to follow the Begiclops to his lair without being detected, and once we get there, cast a fire spell when he passes near the barrels and attack with greatswords and Rise of Ignis.

In addition to the rewards of the mission It smells like Chocobo here we will get 3,620 gil and an amethyst bracelet for completing the hunt

This will be the most complicated of all that we are going to explain. Since for the level that we will have at that moment, the Begíclops will be quite a challenge. So we leave you a video so you can see how you can beat him:

Look at the little bird, chocobito

  • Prerequisite: Completed It Smells Like Chocobo and the Terror of Duscae in Here
  • Recommended level: 8
  • Reward: 500 EXP, a Xelphatol seed, a Doma seed, and a Mamook seed

You have to go to a location very close to where we defeated the Begiclops and get Prompto photograph a chocobo.

Chocobos among wolves

  • Prerequisite: Finished Look at the birdie, chocobito
  • Recommended level: 9
  • Reward: 1,000 EXP and the Curiel Vegetable

We have to go where we are indicated on the map and cure a chocobo wounded with a potion.

bite into something green

  • Prerequisite: Finished Chocobos Among Wolves
  • Recommended level: 10
  • Reward: 1,500 EXP and we can buy a special chocolate burger

we’ll have to get him aegir buds, so we only have to go where we are told and take them.

Support to avoid the hole

  • Prerequisite: Finished Bite Something Green
  • Recommended level: 12
  • Reward: 2,000 EXP and also a Val Seed, an O’Ghomoro Seed, a Cieldalaes Seed, and a Han Seed

Again we will have to cure a chocobo with a potion He is found wounded near the barn in the indicated location, although to get to where he is we will have to deal with a few garms

Distressed Dark Chocobos

  • Prerequisite: Completion of Support to avoid the hole
  • Recommended level: 18
  • Reward: 2,500 XP

First of all we will have to go to Vesper Lake for a chocobo egg. Although before collecting it we will have to beat some Sahuagin. Then we will take it to Wiz, but the mission will not be over since we will have to wait for the chocobo to hatch, and it takes a while. So we’re just going to do things until we get the notice that we have to see Wiz again.

And after completing this last assignment, they will have completed all Wiz’s missions in Final Fantasy 15. If you have any other questions related to chocobos, you can also see:

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