What editions of FIFA 17 will be available?

Last Updated on January 26, 2022 by Miguel S

We already know which editions of FIFA 17 will be available on the market from the game’s launch date, September 29, 2022.

In total there will be three editions of Fifa 17 from which we can choose. Sorted from the most basic (and cheapest) to the most complete (and expensive) they are the following: FIFA 17 Standard Edition, FIFA 17 Deluxe Edition and FIFA 17 Super Deluxe Edition.

The game is the same, but the more complete the edition, the more additional rewards we can get. These rewards are mainly aimed at FIFA Ultimate Team players. Jumbo Premium Gold Envelopes, Players on loan, special kits are the main rewards of the most complete editions. And be careful because these rewards translate into savings, since buying them with FIFA Points is more expensive

This does not mean that we have to buy the FIFA 17 Super Deluxe Edition to avoid being at a disadvantage. Since it will depend on the type of user that we are interested in one or another of the editions of FIFA 17.

What are the benefits of pre-ordering FIFA 17?

We can buy FIFA directly in a specialized video game store or reserve the edition that interests us. Reserving it has the advantage that the edition we want will not run out, and also that the game will be accompanied by a series of rewards. Of course, if we decide to have it sent to our home, we save ourselves the trip.

So if we are clear that we are going to buy FIFA 17, we are interested in pre-ordering the game now.

These are the editions of FIFA 17:

FIFA 17 Standard Edition

editions of FIFA 17 standard edition

This is the most basic option of the three, although it includes everything you need to play (the full game) and some additional gifts. Specifically with the standard version of FIFA 17 we will have 5 FUT Draft Tokens, one player (Hazard, Martial, Reus or James Rodriguez) on loan for 8 matches and 5 special FIFA Ultimate Team kits.

You can see the price here

It is the only version that gives away tokens for FUT Draft, although it is the weakest for fans of Ultimate Team mode Since unless we do not open packs frequently, we would leave a lot of money later, and for this it is better to directly acquire one more version Ultimate Team oriented

FIFA 17 Deluxe Edition

fifa 17 deluxe edition editions

An intermediate option that can leave some and others happy. The rewards which includes are: 20 Jumbo Premium Gold packs, 20 Team of the Week players on loan for 3 matches, one player (Hazard, Martial, Reus or James Rodríguez) on loan for 8 matches and 5 special FIFA Ultimate Team kits

You can see the price here

Envelopes are already included here, specifically Premium Jumbo Gold. Buying FIFA 17 Deluxe Edition can bring us savings of up to 40 euros. Buying the envelopes with FIFA Points instead of with in-game currencies, we could win with this edition. It is therefore a recommended edition for Ultimate Team players who plan to open packs, as they will surely win.

FIFA 17 Super Deluxe Edition

fifa 17 super deluxe edition editions

The FIFA 17 Super Deluxe Edition doubles the rewards of the Deluxe Edition. In total there are 40 Premium Jumbo Gold Packs, 40 Team of the Week players on loan for 3 matches, one player (Hazard, Martial, Reus or James Rodríguez) on loan for 8 matches and 5 special FIFA Ultimate Team kits

It is estimated a price of just under € 100

It is clear that this edition is intended for frequent Ultimate Team players. With this super edition, you can save up to 80 euros in FIFA Points. The rest of the players will not see great advantages in the additional payment that it requires.

Discounts in FIFA 17

Apart from the discounts that the different points of sale or establishments may offer, FIFA also offers discounts. If we are FIFA 16 users, we can get a 10% discount on FIFA 17 Super Deluxe Edition. You have to buy the Super Deluxe edition directly from the console (PlayStation or Xbox) to get the 10% discount. At the moment it is the only discount that exists, regardless of what the stores can reduce.

Where to buy FIFA 17?

Unless we have a regular establishment where they treat us well and can offer us a discount, my personal opinion is that there is nothing better than amazon. In the macro sales portal they always have the best prices. In addition, there are never any stock problems and obviously the comfort that it arrives at home directly.

We leave you a link to Amazon where you can reserve any of the editions of FIFA 17 before its launch. They can also request that it arrive at their home on the same day of the launch, and obviously buy it at any other time.

Here the link to the best prices to buy cheap FIFA 17

Which edition is better?

As we have already mentioned, it depends on the type of player we are. In my personal case, I barely play Ultimate Team, so I always buy the Standard Edition. But anyone who plays Ultimate Team will be interested in either of the two Deluxe Editions, as it will save money in the future on FIFA Points.

We will continue to update with the latest news and updates on FIFA 17. We are only a few days away from launch and those responsible for EA Sports still have several surprises in store for us. And not only the new graphics engine, Frostbite, which by itself is more than enough of an incentive.

The cheapest options to buy FIFA 17

Without a doubt, Amazon is the best place to buy FIFA 17, its prices are unbeatable. We leave them so that you can compare them and judge for yourself:

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More information about the editions of FIFA 17 in the following link