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Last Updated on December 23, 2022 by Miguel S

One of the most coveted peripherals for hardcore gamers is, without a doubt, the professional pad. Even the casual gamer would like to own a quality controller, but this whim comes at a price. A cost that is hardly justifiable, even for the most competitive users. So you can get an idea, a quality pro controller does not fall below 100 euros. Microsoft has launched a jewel in the form of a controller, designed to satisfy the regular player and the professional. We refer to Xbox One Elite. An elegant piece that dazzles as soon as you see it. The question is: where to buy cheap Xbox One Elite?

Before getting into the matter, it is key to have a clear idea. Buying cheap Xbox Elite, at the outset, is not feasible. But it is possible to acquire it at a competitive price. The world of hardcore gamers is the ideal breeding ground for companies, both software and hardware, to obtain large revenues. But for this, they have to offer high quality products, because the target audience in question knows what they want. Therefore, buying a cheap Xbox One Elite or a pad in its category is simply not feasible. Nobody gives hard to pesetas.

The market is so sweet that it ceased to be the preserve of the first parties a long time ago. Independent companies are fighting for official first-party licenses to release their own products. Such is the case with hardware companies like Razor who recently released the Razor Raiju pad for PS4. Sony gives you the license, Razor makes a good product for the user, and all three parties win.

But the case that concerns us here is that of the Xbox Elite. An exclusive pad designed and produced by Microsoft itself to adorn your Xbox One and Xbox One S.

What does Xbox One Elite hide?

Buy Xbox One Elite cheap or not, not enough argument not to recognize all its virtues. The Xbox One Elite Controller has multiple advantages over the traditional pad. However, it also has its drawbacks, beyond its high price.

Among the virtues of the Xbox One Elite, the merely superficial and the potential stand out. Its appearance is, without a doubt, elegant and imposing. And his presentation is not far behind. Microsoft is clear that the content is as important as the continent. The Xbox One Elite comes protected with a sober and hard black case in which there is only room for the “essentials”. And what is considered essential? Well, the Elite controller itself, the connector cable and the different accessories (crossheads, sticks and other buttons).

The Xbox One Elite stands out not only for its design, but also for its finish and the quality of its plastics. It enjoys great ergonomics and its weight is higher than that of standard controls. In addition, the handles are covered with a rough-looking rubber that improves grip and prevents inopportune slipping.

Buy Xbox One Elite Cheap
Buy Xbox One Elite Cheap

As a dressing, the Xbox One Elite has interchangeable sticks, adjustable triggers and removable rear levers. It is an ideal controller not only for professional players or those who spend long hours in front of the screen. But, without a doubt, the most casual players will also be able to appreciate all its virtues. The problem is whether or not the latter will be able to get the most out of the Elite. Because even if you can buy cheap Xbox One Elite, the price difference with the original pad is still abysmal.

All Xbox One Elite Controller Prices

Here we leave you the best current prices to Buy Cheap Xbox One Elite. In general, the prices are very similar, so if you are interested, we leave you here the option to buy on Amazon, which also has an option without shipping costs, delivering in 4 or 5 days.

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www.microsoftstore.com €149.99

Is it worth buying cheap Xbox One Elite?

Actually, the question is not whether it is worth buying cheap Xbox One Elite, but rather, whether it is worth buying Xbox One Elite. And the answer could not be more “Galician”: Well, it depends. It is clear that it is not necessary to purchase an Xbox One Elite controller to play with your console. What’s more, it’s well known that Microsoft’s standard console pads are, in themselves, a marvel.

If you are an expert user of shooters or esports and you intend to compete in tournaments… The Xbox Elite is, without a doubt, your controller. If, on the other hand, you are a simple video game fan who, from time to time, plays a game, with the standard controller you will have more than enough. Moreover, it is most likely that even if you had the Elite in your possession, you would never take advantage of it.


On the other hand, there are those users who, without becoming hardcore gamers, have a passion for detail and things well done. If you are one of the latter, and you can get cheap Xbox One Elite, then go for it. Surely you will hesitate more than one friend when they see you take out the case and uncover the pad. Having a piece of this caliber next to the Xbox One is a whim that makes a difference. Not surprisingly, it is probably the best controller on the market today.

By the way, a point in favor of the Xbox One Elite is that it is also compatible with PC. This is one of the benefits that it boasts and that Microsoft always takes into account with its products.