Walkthrough: The Tank Hunter in Battlefield 1

Last Updated on January 26, 2022 by Miguel S

The tank hunter in Battlefield 1 is one of the 3 new elite classes that we can use in the EA video game from October 21, 2022

The tank hunter in Battlefield 1 is basically a sniper. But his rifle, the Tankgewehr 1918, is much larger and his ammunition much more destructive. So its main virtue is that it is deadly against vehicles enemies.

We can find it in the Sinai Desert, on Edy’s flag, in the boxes next to the fabric stores. It is a very remote point so it is advisable to get a vehicle to get there.

Tank Hunter Strengths

The tank hunter has a gun, the Tankgewehr 1918, sniper. But it is a very long and heavy rifle that also has a very powerful ammunition. So powerful that it is capable of Destroy any type of enemy vehicle. And of course, as its name suggests, to destroy tanks.

But not only does it have a very high destruction force. It also has a very long range, so it can shoot from long range to also avoid exposure.

Here we explain a little more about the Tankgewehr in Battlefield 1

Has a pistol as a secondary weapon, which does not make it very special, but it is the only elite class with a secondary weapon. He also has the club as a melee weapon.

By the way, the sound of the shot It is a replica of the real sound of the Tankgewehr 1918. And although it is not a fortress, it is certainly an incentive, it sounds spectacular.

Tank Hunter Weaknesses

First of all, to shoot accurately, you can’t do it while moving, standing or crouching, you have to shoot fully prone. It is the consequence of using such a large and unwieldy weapon

Plus does not have any special protection or shielding, so it is better not to be seen too much. A scout can shoot us down and any vehicle or horse can easily crush us. Specifically, against an explorer we are at a disadvantage, since it has greater mobility and with a headshot it liquidates us.

Although his shot has a fairly long range, the projectile falls a little at a certain distance and you have to adjust the shot a little. It is not that it is a disadvantage but you have to get used to it.

It’s not that I have too much ammunition left, can only take 17 shots, so we can only shoot when we are sure of hitting the target.

How to take down enemies with the tank hunter?

It depends on the type of enemy, obviously. If we are faced with infantry, any unfortunate who crosses the path of his projectiles will suffer an “instant kill” without remedy. No matter what part of the body it hits, death is instant.

Comment that if they are lined up, up to 4 infantry enemies can be liquidated with a single shot. It depends on the helmets and armor that there are 3, 4 or more victims.

To the vehicles should be aimed at weak parts. Light vehicles will be blown up as is. But with vehicles like tanks or planes we will have to be more precise and shoot to the engine or armament to disable it.

If we find a jeep or light vehicle with several infantrymen you have to shoot yes or yes. These vehicles have no armor, they are destroyed with a single shot and we also kill everyone who goes inside.

Tips for using Tank Hunter in Battlefield 1

Although it doesn’t sound very good, this elite class is made to champ. We would like to be able to say something else, but if you have to shoot lying down and you don’t have armor, you have to prevent enemies from locating you, look for places to shoot from at a good distance and from which you can aim calmly. So you know, whoever can’t beat the camperos is going to hate this elite class.

In fact, one of the recommendations would be to place ourselves in a mountain near the enemy base. And it is that from the base come the vehicles, the cavalry and the infantry that are our main objective. As soon as they locate us or we have made a couple of deaths, it is advisable to change position.

Video Walkthrough: The Tank Hunter in Battlefield 1

We leave you this video tutorial. It puts into practice all the gameplay tips with the tank hunter in Battlefield 1 that we have mentioned.

Without a doubt, the tank hunter in Battlefield 1 will be a very decisive class, but it will not be the only one. We leave you a link to the rest of Elite Classes in Battlefield 1.