Walkthrough: The Support Class in Battlefield 1

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The Support class in Battlefield 1 hasn’t seen many changes in the game. If you want unlimited bullets and fire at will, this is your class


The Support class is a class with a very high fire capacity due to its endless ammo. that besides you can share with your peers of equipment when they are “dry”. But he has also acquired some ability from the extinct Engineer class, such as the sticky bomb or the repair tool, with which he can also intervene in vehicular combat.

This is a very fun class to play. With the Assault class in BF 1 we can leave the trigger pressed as long as we want. It is also specialized in the middle distance, so it has a great versatility in the game. Although it is the only class that can supply ammunition to its teammates, so the Support class also requires a good level of team play and attention not to leave their colleagues sold.

How to play with the Support class in Battlefield 1?

The Support class can focus more on one role or another depending on the gadgets you choose. Support class gadgets in BF1:

  • Mortar – High explosive
  • Mortar – Air Blast
  • ammo bag
  • ammo box
  • sticky bomb
  • repair tool

We can only choose three of the gadgets, but we see that they have very different functions. The mortars They are tremendously effective in assaulting enemy positions or defending a position. highly explosive are very suitable for vehicles, while those of aerial explosion they are more suitable for infantry; The ammo boxes and ammo bags they are the gadgets with which we can replenish the bullets of our companions; and the sticky bombs and repair tools They are two very appropriate gadgets to enter the combat against vehicles.

Therefore we can configure a support class more offensive, predisposed to fight against infantry or against vehicles, or with more team play, with ammunition and repair tools. Although the recommendation is to choose a good combination of both characteristics depending on how they complement our equipment.

The Support class in Battlefield 1 is a ideal complement to the team. If we try to defend a well protected position, with a Medic and a Support we can make an impenetrable defense. If they both supply the team with ammo and heals, they will make it very difficult for the rivals.

This class is a clear example of what BF1 has achieved at the level of team play. The classes complement each other and combine perfectly, making each other very necessary. This causes that if we want to win we have to be very aware of our teammates. And in the case of the Support class, mainly be aware that they do not run out of ammunition.

Support Class Weapons in Battlefield 1

But in addition to some powerful gadgets, the Support class has weapons with huge magazines. With them we can block enemies with fire while your team rebuilds. They can be improved, although at first you will have to be attentive to factors such as damage, precision, control, cadence, bullet drop and test them by playing. In this case one of the biggest drawbacks is that bullets take time to pick up accuracy. You have to hold down the trigger for a while until the sight is centered. So we recommend trying all possible weapons until you find the one you like the most.

Main weapons of the Support class in Battlefield 1

Both by BdG or by leveling up we can unlock different weapons. As we can see, there are main guns with up to 200 bullets. In general they are not especially powerful shot for shot. But the rain of bullets that is achieved makes this class the one that can eliminate the most enemies in a burst.

Main Weapon Unlock Hurt Precision Shot from the Hip Control Rate of Fire Ammunition
Lewis Gun Suppressive 200 BG, Level 0 24 68 32 73 480 97/194
Lewis Gun Optical 200 BG, Tier 3 24 43 32 58 480 47/141
Lewis Gun Low Weight N/A 24 35 32 58 480 47/141
M1909 Benet-Mercie Storm 200 BG, Level 0 27 43 32 78 450 30/120
M1909 Benet-Mercie Optical 200 BG, Tier 3 27 Four. Five 32 56 450 30/120
M1909 Benet-Mercie Telescopic 200 BDG, Level 1 27 89 32 78 450 30/120
Madsen MG Trench 200 BDG, Tier 2 27 28 60 3. 4 540 31/124
Madsen MG Storm 200 BDG, Level 1 27 30 40 49 540 31/124
Madsen MG Low Weight 200 BG, Level 0 27 28 40 3. 4 540 31/124
MG15 nA Suppressive 200 BG, Tier 3 27 51 27 70 500 200/400
MG15 nA Storm 200 BDG, Tier 2 27 36 27 61 500 100/200
MG15nA Low Weight 200 BDG, Level 1 27 33 27 42 500 100/200
BAR M1918 Trench 200 BDG, Tier 2 27 30 60 29 600 20/120
BAR M1918 Storm 200 BG, Tier 3 27 33 40 42 600 20/120
BAR M1918 Telescopic 200 BG, Tier 3 27 66 40 58 600 20/120
Huot Automatic Low Weight 200 BG, Level 10 24 40 32 53 475 26/130

Support Class Secondary Weapons in Battlefield 1

And the secondary weapons work exactly the same. Which are also unlocked by BdG or by levels. And we will find enough difference between one and the other. So we will also have to test them until we know which ones we feel comfortable with our Support class in Battlefield 1.

Secondary Weapon Unlock Hurt Precision Shot from the Hip Control Rate of Fire Ammunition
M1911 N/A 44 25 67 35 300 8/40
P08 Pistol 150 BG Level 0 39 25 67 53 300 9/45
Mle 1903 150 BG Level 0 38 25 67 73 360 8/56
C93 150 BG Level 10 36 33 67 62 360 9/45
No.3 Revolver 150 BG, Level 10 54 33 67 twenty 150 6/36
kolibri 150 BG, Level 10 4 25 67 100 450 8/192
Repeater pistol M1912 150 BG, Level 0 39 25 67 53 360 8/48
bull dog revolver 150 BG, Level 0 fifty 25 67 twenty 257 6/36
Model 1915 150 BG, Level 0 32 25 80 67 450 9/54

The truth is that the BF1 Support class is a very easy class to handle and fun for the amount of shots it makes. Although you have to learn to get the most out of it for team play and that costs a little more. It is a highly recommended class for beginners, it will hook them for sure.

Video Walkthrough: Support Class in Battlefield 1

Here we leave you a tutorial of the gameplay of the Support class in Battlefield 1. You will check what was said during the article. Shots left and right, many deaths and some very powerful gadgets.

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