Vyv Quests in Final Fantasy 15 – Photographs

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With the Vyv missions in Final Fantasy 15 we will obtain good amounts of experience and guiles for taking photos of certain places.

In order to access the Vyv Missions in Final Fantasy 15 we will have to previously complete A walk through Lestallum, which Iris will commission us in chapter 3.

In principle, these missions will only require us to take photos in certain places. The problem is that sometimes to get to those places we will have to face difficult rivals.

Next we explain all the Vyv Missions in Final Fantasy 15

Photography session in the Bacía

  • Prerequisite: Have passed A Walk in Lestallum
  • Recommended level: 8
  • Rewards 1,000 Exp and also 5,000 Gil

We will be able to talk to Vyv in Lestallum once the mission A walk through Lestallum is finished by going to where the map indicates in the city itself. Two new locations will be marked for us, we will have to go take the photos and give them to them. It’s pretty easy to get started

Photos of payment and praise

  • Prerequisite: Have passed Photography Session in the Basin
  • Recommended level: 10
  • Rewards 1,500 Exp and also 7,500 gil

This time we will have to photograph the waiting at the Galdín Pier. We will be able to do it from two locations.

photography and mythology

  • Requirement: Have passed Pay and Praise Photos
  • Recommended level: 12
  • Rewards 2,000 Exp and also 10,000 Gil

We will have to photograph the Sickle of Taelpar from the two locations indicated. First from the top of a watchtower, and then from the bridge.

Photography and mythology II

  • Requirement: Have passed Photography and Mythology
  • Recommended level: 14
  • Rewards 2,500 Exp and also 12,500 gil

We’ll have to go to Mausoleum of the Indomitable and there take two photos. The first to the arch of the garden, and the second to the entrance to the mausoleum itself.

warmth and honor

  • Prerequisite: Have passed Photography and Mythology II
  • Recommended level: 20
  • Rewards 3,000 Exp and also 15,000 Gil

We’ll have to go to the dungeon Jaws of Ravatogh. The point in the photo is in the middle of the lava and surrounded by enemies, so this time we will have to hurry since our health and that of our companions will decrease over time.

A place to return to

  • Prerequisite: Have passed Heat and honor
  • Recommended level: 22
  • Rewards 3,500 Exp and also 17,500 gil

We’ll have to go to insomnia balcony and take a photo from the edge of a cliff, although the path will not be clear and before we will have to defeat several imperial soldiers.

Better tomorrow than healthy

  • Prerequisite: Have previously beaten A Place to Return To
  • Recommended level: 25
  • Rewards 4,000 Exp and also 20,000 gil

This time we will have to take snapshots in three imperial bases, in all cases the photo is taken from outside, so once we arrive, we will finish quickly.

  • 1st Imperial Base of Leide to the natural: Es Formouth Bastion
  • 2nd Duscae Imperial Base au naturel: It’s Fort Perpetouss
  • Cleigne’s 3rd Imperial Base Raw: It’s Tollhends Fortress

A very disturbing work of art

  • Prerequisite: Have passed Better skill than viciousness
  • Recommended level: 30
  • Rewards 5,000 Exp and also 25,000 gil

We have to go to Weskham, who is in Altissia, and do the whipped the collector. We have to defeat a Chadarnuk, but just when we get to where it is, the photo will be taken automatically.

Video: Vyv’s quests in Final Fantasy 15

Here’s a video from YouTuber JaskTheTiger of Vyv’s latest mission, A Very Disturbing Work of Art:


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