Tutorial: How to trade in FIFA 17? Best Techniques

Last Updated on January 26, 2022 by Miguel S

Trading in FIFA 17 is one of the best ways to earn coins and improve your squad in FUT 17. Although it requires time and technique.

The concept is very basic, we have to buy cheap players and sell them more expensive to earn the difference. The question is what are the best methods to ensure profits without spending hours and hours searching.

The profits we can make trading players make a difference. There are more coins to be earned in FIFA 17 than in any other way. It takes time, of course, so we will have to decide how much time we want to spend trading to improve our template as much as possible.

We will now detail the most effective techniques for trading in FIFA 17:

The basics to trade in FIFA 17

The main thing is to spend a little time looking for good players to trade in FIFA 17. Basically good players, with good ratings, and affordable prices. What in many places they call “cheated players”.

These footballers change over time, and more than the names, you have to keep the technique. We have to be able to detect the checked players ourselves.

Cheated players in FIFA 17

As we mentioned, the names can change. But if we look at these names that we are going to mention, we will see that they are much more attractive than other players. We put them by leagues:

  • Bundesliga: Kagawa, Hermann and Baba
  • Santander League: Kovacic, Lemos and Vidal
  • Premier League: Montero, Ings and Tore
  • A series: Eder, Muriel and Tello
  • Other leagues: Quaresma, Danny, Trapp and Jesse.

Almost all gamers agree that the Premier League is the best league to trade, at least with charted players, as it has a much busier market.

And from the identification of interesting players, we can complement our trading in FIFA 17 with other techniques such as:

Monopolize a player in FIFA 17

This is another technique that consists of buying many cards from the same player. If we are one of the few who sell them, we can manipulate and increase their price, and therefore our profit.

For this technique, just the opposite will be better, working in less crowded leagues where we can more easily monopolize a player. And with more easily we mean that it will not be necessary to spend so much money to acquire a good number of cards and trade them in FIFA 17.

Sniping in FIFA 17

This method of trading in FIFA 17 requires a lot of speed. Basically you have to look for players with very cheap “buy now” prices. When we say “very cheap” we mean that we see that you can clearly make 300 coins of profit when selling them.

It is a technique that seems slower, but quite the opposite. We can replicate it in as many operations as we want and multiply those 300 coins by a lot. There are people who just starting out are making 20,000 coins a day just by sniping.

We leave you a video in which the sniping technique is applied in FIFA 17

Trade with discard in FIFA 17

This technique is very similar to sniping, although we do not try to sell them. We get rid of them directly for the discard price.

You earn less than with sniping or other techniques for each transaction. But if we hit the key and find players we can buy below their discard price. There is no safer and more multipliable technique to trade in FIFA 17.

The question is that we choose a method, the one that we like the most and try to multiply it. As we mentioned, trading in FIFA 17 is the best way to earn coins in the EA Sports video game, so don’t despair if you find it hard to find bargains at first. They are there, and they will end up finding them.

And finally we have a FIFA 17 trading trick that you will surely love, but we will show it to you in the next article.