Tutorial: Get the costumes in The Last Guardian

Last Updated on January 16, 2022 by Miguel S

Here we will explain what you need to get the costumes in The Last Guardian. There are 5 in total and they have different requirements to unlock them.

The Last Guardian, the Team Ico video game, is finally here. An exclusive release for PlayStation 4 starring a boy and Trico, a spectacular creature.

Platforms and puzzles with an outstanding graphic experience and a story with surprising depth, in the purest Fumito Ueda style.

Easter Egg, secrets, or simply the requirements that we must meet to unlock the costumes in The Last Guardian. In this case it is an incentive to repeat the game even if we have already finished it.

The costumes in The Last Guardian and their requirements

As we mentioned, there are 5 suits in The Last Guardian, but also a medal for Trico. Here we explain the requirements of each:

1- Medal for Trico: It is the easiest, we have to finish the game in whatever time it takes and start a second time.

2- Ceremonial suit: To achieve this we must feed Trico with 12 barrels

3- Villagers outfit: To achieve this we must feed Trico with 24 barrels

4- Suit of the protagonist of ICO: To achieve this we must feed Trico with 48 barrels

5- Costume of the protagonist of Shadow of the Colossus: To achieve this we must feed Trico with 64 barrels

6- Secret suit: To achieve this we must feed Trico with 96 barrels

So basically barrels and putting hours into it is the thing. Because we’re not even talking about playing the entire game twice, there aren’t that many barrels each time. If we want to get them all and get to the secret suit, we will have to play and play. At least there is a barrel counter and we don’t have to keep track.

When we already have them unlocked, and while we are playing, we can equip us with them by going to Options > Objects. They cannot be put from the beginning.

Without any hardship, you will be interested in knowing where all the barrels in the game are.

Related trophies

Getting all the costumes in The Last Guardian, we will achieve the Silver Trophy: Prom Dress. That will not only require unlocking them but also that we have equipped ourselves with them.

Although indirectly, and while we are trying to unlock this trophy we will unlock many others. For having to finish the video game, for the number of barrels we have to give Trico, etc. So “Party Dress” will not be the only one that we will unlock.

Here we leave you a link to all the Trophies of the Team Ico video game. It is convenient to review them before starting to know everything we have to achieve. If we go one by one it can take a long time, but it’s only 24. So let’s try to go for all of them at the same time to extend the experience without going overboard.

As you will see in the trophies, we can finish The Last Guardian in less than 5 hours. Although the reasonable thing is that it lasts us between 10 and 15 hours. But Fumito Ueda’s team has made sure that the video game is full of excuses like this so that we have to repeat it over and over again. And of course the graphic experience and the story justify keeping us hooked on the controls of our PlayStation 4 beyond the end of the game.