Top 9 Android Emulators for PC

Android emulators allow us to play and use applications that, for one reason or another, do not run well on our cell phones. This is why they are a powerful tool as we can play games that we might not otherwise enjoy.

Below you will see a list of the 9 best Android emulators that you can find for PC, free and focused on games. All of them perform very well, although some are more focused on low-resource PCs, and others are mid-range or high-end. Find out now!

NoteNote: Before using any emulator, remember to enable Virtualization (VT) on your PC. Otherwise, the emulators may not work well for you. Feel free to watch tutorials to activate it.

Nox Player

Download Nox Player here.

Nox Player is one of the most popular emulators in the world, and for good reason. It is stable at all times and works perfectly whether you are looking for an Android emulator for games or other applications. The tools that Nox Player includes are numerous, from configuring performance to assigning buttons or recording complex macros.

Setting up Nox Player is easy, which is very useful if you want to improve performance on heavier games. Of course, you won’t be able to play any game if your PC barely meets the requirements, but with good RAM, CPU, and dedicated graphics card, you will have a powerful emulator on your computer!

Why use Nox Player:

  • For low-resource PCs, it only needs 1.5GB of RAM to work.
  • Good peripheral compatibility, gamepad included.
  • Good macro and video recording system.
  • Support for multiple instances at once, although it requires more CPU and RAM.

MEmu Play

MEmy Play

Download MEmu Play here.

If you are looking for a focused emulator to play games, MEmu Play is a great choice! It was launched a few years ago, specifically in 2022, but it has emerged as one of the emulators that work best. It has one of the best button mapping tools, so you can configure each game in the way that suits you best.

Of course, MEmu Play is a somewhat demanding emulator. To get the most out of it, you need a PC with more than 4GB of RAM. The good thing is that it optimizes the graphics of many games, as long as you have the best performance at the time of playing. It really is made for gamers!

Why use MEmu Play:

  • Excellent gaming performance, with support for graphics chips from NVidia and AMD.
  • Easy to install and intuitive interface.
  • Good peripheral compatibility, gamepad included.
  • Good graphic optimization.



Download BlueStacks here.

If you are looking for absolute performance in games of all kinds, regardless of the genre, we recommend BlueStacks. It is one of the most popular emulators today, due to how easy it is to configure it and get into the games. Compared to other emulators, BlueStacks does not require that many extra resources to run a game. If you have a modest computer, it’s ideal!

It is true that there bugs from time to time but overall BlueStacks is one of the most solid emulators to play on. In fact, once you open the emulator, you’ll see that it integrates a menu totally focused on searching for and installing games. If that is what interests you the most, do not hesitate to try this emulator.

Why use BlueStacks:

  • For low-resource computers, as it only needs 2GB of RAM to work.
  • Excellent gaming performance without using a lot of PC resources.
  • Simple installation and interface made to make it easy to find games.
  • Barring occasional bugs, it’s a stable emulator.



Download KoPlayer here.

KoPlayer is one of those emulators that has the best performance, and that also leaves everything you would want as a player at your disposal. Key assignment, camera implementation, video recording, intuitive configuration to improve the gaming experience… As you can see, KoPlayer is a very complete emulator.

The negative point? Sometimes KoPlayer crashes or has bugs that hamper the user experience. In addition, it requires quite a lot of space on the hard drive, with a minimum of 10GB. Removing these two details, it is an excellent option.

Why use KoPlayer:

  • For low-end PCs, it only requires 2GB of RAM, and it is possible to make it work with only 1GB of RAM.
  • Good compatibility of peripherals, such as gamepad and even cameras.
  • Excellent video recording system.
  • Simple and easy interface both to install and configure.



Download LDPlayer here.

In LDPlayer you will find a more than decent emulator to run almost all kinds of games and applications. It’s easy to install and configure at your convenience, giving you an unrivaled gaming experience. LDPlayer includes features like record videos, capture screen, create multiple instances, rotate screen, configure keyboard buttons and game pad, etc. We have to say that it is quite complete!

LDPlayer is a great emulator for medium and high powered computers. It works fine on low-end PCs, but requires a minimum of 4GB of RAM and plenty of hard drive space. If your PC exceeds the requirements, you will enjoy an emulator that runs a multitude of Android games with ease.

Why use LDPlayer:

  • Great performance on mid-range and high-end PCs.
  • Good compatibility with peripherals, gamepad included.
  • Excellent interface, emulation settings and number of options.
  • Good support for multi-instancing.
  • It is updated frequently to ensure compatibility of versions of each game.



Download Droid4x here.

If you own a low-end PC, Droid4x is a suitable emulator for you. It is compatible with all existing versions of Windows and performs well on Android apps and games. Not only that: it also includes quite a few features that you can find in other emulators.

For example, it is very easy to configure the buttons for keyboard or game pad And if you want to record gameplay videos, you can do it with Droid4x! The biggest advantage of this emulator is that it doesn’t require a lot of resources from your PC neither to function nor to run games. Of course, it is possible that some games have compatibility problems.

Why use Droid4x:

  • For low-resource PCs, since it only requires 1GB of RAM to work.
  • Absolute compatibility with Windows XP onwards.
  • Good compatibility and button configuration for keyboard and game pad.
  • It allows you to video record anything you want in the emulator.



Download GameLoop here.

GameLoop, previously known as Tencent Gaming Buddy, is an emulator developed by the same company Tencent. It was created with the aim of giving us the best experience in games like Call of Duty Mobile or PUBG Mobile, among others. Its strong point is the integration of keyboard and mouse control, one of the best among emulators, if not the best.

The negative point is that it does not support many of the games on the market. Even so, if you are interested in games like the ones mentioned above and others included in GameLoop, rest assured that it will perform very well on that emulator.

Why use GameLoop:

  • Excellent keyboard and mouse integration.
  • Unparalleled performance in games supported by the emulator.
  • The emulator shows you if a game needs to be updated or is ready to play.
  • It is updated frequently to ensure compatibility of versions of each game.

Prime OS

Prime OS

Download PrimeOS here.

PrimeOS is actually an operating system that you can implement on your PC, instead of a simple emulator like the previous ones. It can be installed on the hard drive or on a USB. It is a more than correct option if you want to play Android games without spending a lot of your PC’s resources.

In PrimeOS you will find everything you need for a good emulation experience. It has an amazing interface, excellent game support, and it’s quite easy to configure the controls for each game. In fact, like other emulators, quite a few popular games come with automatic settings.

Why use PrimeOS:

  • Three different PrimeOS versions for use on low, mid and high end PCs.
  • Intuitive interface and impressive finish. It’s a PC + Android in one.
  • Good performance in Android games for all three versions.

phoenix os

phoenix os

Download Phoenix OS here.

Phoenix OS is quite similar to PrimeOS in both functionality and performance. It is also an operating system that you can install on the hard drive or on a USB. The differentiating element of Phoenix OS is that it acts more like a PC, as it includes various programs such as the Microsoft Office Suite.

Why use Phoenix OS:

  • Intuitive interface and good finish.
  • Good gaming performance on less powerful computers.
  • It is updated frequently.
  • It includes the Microsoft Office Suite and other programs for free.

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