Tony and Caem’s carrots in Final Fantasy 15

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Tony and Caem’s carrots in Final Fantasy 15 is a mission in which we will obtain interesting rewards, including weapons.

How to get to this mission?

In the first place, after finishing chapter 8 we will have to go look for Irises in Caem. He will give us some seeds and the location of an orchard, we will go there, plant the seeds and go to rest.

The next morning we will collect the fruits of our harvest, which will be Caem carrots, and we will have completed Iris’s quest, obtaining 500 EXP as a reward.

but later it will come Tony, the owner of a nearby restaurant who loves carrots from Caem. And here the mission we are looking for will begin, since it will offer us rewards in exchange for us giving it a few.

How is the mechanism of Caem carrots?

Basically you have to let the garden regenerate and you’ll get different rewards depending on the carrots you deliver, which will be more or less depending on the weather.

Vegetable patch

First of all we will have to let the orchard regenerate. For this we must make raids or orders until the land is ready again


Depending on the weather, we will obtain more or less Caem carrots in each harvest. Basically this is the summary:

  • A carrot from Caem: Rain 35%
  • Two carrots from Caem: Cloudy 45%, rain 30%
  • Three Caem Carrots: Sunny 50%, Cloudy 30%, Rainy 20%
  • Four Carrots of Caem: Sunny 30%, Cloudy 15%, Rainy 10%
  • Five Caem Carrots: Sunny 20%, Cloudy 10%, Rainy 5%


The rewards will depend on the number of Caem carrots that we deliver to the restaurant owner (Tony). So depending on what we want we will have to control the weather.

  • 1- 500 gil
  • 2- Ulwaati blackberries
  • 3- A vinyl for the Regalia
  • 4- One of these four weapons: Succubus Greatsword, Elementivorous Daggers, Valiant Pistol or Bleeding Shield.

What to do with the weapons?

These 4 weapons can only be obtained this way, but can then be taken to Cid to improve them.

So here you can see Cid’s mission requirements in FF15

Video: Tony and Caem’s carrots in Final Fantasy 15

Here we also leave you a video where you can see how carrots are harvested. And later how weapons are obtained and how they later take Cid to improve them.

And so far the explanation, we hope this guide to Tony and Caem’s carrots in Final Fantasy 15 has been useful