Tips to attack in FIFA 17 and score goals

Last Updated on January 11, 2022 by Miguel S

We are going to give you some tips to attack in FIFA 17. If you want to score more goals per game, pay attention to what we are going to explain next.

In this article you’re not going to learn any secret tricks or miracle button combinations that you don’t already know. Well, we will talk about the use of some button, but mainly we are going to focus on concept issues. Something similar to what we discussed in Tips to defend in FIFA 17

And in fact, although we will talk about other things, the approach is very similar. Patience and the search for goals before trying to score are the key. Avoid rookie mistakes and go like crazy running to the opposite goal. But dismantle the defense first, and once broken and with superiority penetrate and transform the occasion.

A bad attack not only converts few chances, it is a source of goals against which must be avoided at all costs. And recovering balls with guarantees is a source of goals in favor. So we could even merge both tutorials since they are very related.

Tips for attacking in FIFA 17:

Do not lose the ball when attacking in FIFA 17

This does not mean that we have to play with long possessionsif not effective. We can play against or possession, and this rule applies exactly the same.

What it means is that our offensive success will depend on the effectiveness that we give to our possessions. And although it is not the objective of this article, it is also our defensive success, since each possession that we waste is an opportunity that we give to our rival.

And we’re not talking about infinite touches with defenders a la Guardiola, or finishing with 80% possession. But if you have to throw the ball back, it is thrown, and this is something that is very difficult for rookies. It seems that you can only look forward. But you will see that resetting the play can be very productive.

In order for our possessions to be effective and become a goal a good percentage of the time, we must do two things:

  • Attack with spaces: We must take advantage of them or create them
  • Alternate the ways of attacking: We cannot always repeat the same play

Well, a third thing could be added, which is learning to define. But it is so obvious that we do not include it. Although in case you are interested we leave you a link to our FIFA 17 tutorial guide. There you will find almost any attack technique you may need, which we do not comment on now because there are a lot.

Search or create spaces when attacking in FIFA 17

Perhaps this is the most important section of the article. And here we will give you some technique with button combinations.

The first thing you should know is that moving the ball from side to side of the field opens up defenses and dislodges them. It is basic, since simply with this, when we want to penetrate we will find more spaces to take advantage of.

Here’s a recommendation: Better to move the ball from side to side of the field with two or three low passes than one high. For that we will use the powerful ground passes (R1 on PlayStation or RB on Xbox) unless the situation calls for another play.

But if we are facing an orderly defense we may have to do more to create space. If after a while moving the ball we don’t find a way to get in, let’s make walls.

Walls are made by pressing L1 on PlayStation or LB on Xbox while pressing the pass button. The walls will force the unmarking of the player who initiates the wall, forcing the creation of spaces.

And we insist that this applies whether we play slowly (possession) or faster (against). Game changes and walls always influence the creation of spaces.

Toggle ways to attack in FIFA 17

If we become predictable we will be giving a lot of advantage to the rival. And any gamer of a certain level should know how to counter a move if they expect it.

There are many ways to try to finish. A cross, a wall, long shots, a dribble, we must try not to always repeat the same move and keep our rival uncertain.

An advice in this sense to intimidate a little bit to our opponent, is to move the ball from side to side of the field at the beginning. It’s what good players do to create space and our opponent should sense that we have resources and we’re not going to launch a crazy direct attack.

At the beginning we told you about a link to FIFA 17 tutorials. There are all kinds, and a lot of attack techniques, so if you haven’t watched it yet, give it a review.

Conclusions about attacking in FIFA 17

Anyone who has read the defense tutorial will know that the philosophy is the same. Pretending to plant yourself in the rival area in two passes and score is a rookie mistake that will almost always end in a counterattack.

The spaces end up appearing, and if you have to force them a little, they force themselves. But what has to be clear to you after this article is that you have to learn to attack only with spaces and that we must look for spaces in different areas so as not to become predictable. No matter how well we make a move, if our rival anticipates us, it’s over.

Video: Tips for attacking in FIFA 17

In this video you will see in a match between two first division teams how the advice discussed in the article about attacking in FIFA 17 is put into practice. Special attention to the search and creation of spaces:

We hope you liked these tips for attacking in FIFA 17. That you can put them into practice and attack better each time. You will see that everything is related and a good attack also influences the defense.

Obviously the quality of the players influences. Although the aforementioned does not depend on the dribbling or passing ability of any player. It is a game concept that works with any team or players.