The Kolibri in Battlefield 1, how to kill with it?

Last Updated on January 26, 2022 by Miguel S

The Kolibri in Battlefield 1 is a secondary weapon, a miniature pistol that, oddly enough, is real. Although its damage is very low and it costs a lot to kill someone.

As we mentioned, it is very difficult to kill anyone with this miniature pistol. Although it seems like a joke, it is a weapon that came into existence. But let’s first give some data on this BF1 weapon

Is the Kolibri in BF1 real or has she been invented?

Well, despite what it might seem, it is a weapon that is totally real. It was designed by the Austrian watchmaker Franz Pfanni in 1918 as a weapon designed for personal defense of very small size. In fact, hence the name, since it is inspired by the smallest of birds, the Hummingbird.

The 2mm cartridges They also look like a joke. Since they are reminiscent of the pellets of the fairground shotguns due to their tiny size.

It is currently considered a collector’s item which is priced at over $5,000. Yes that although it is tiny and impractical, it is a beauty that has already completed a century of history.

In case the two-finger shot image seems exaggerated, we leave you a real photo of the Kolibrif placed in the palm of a hand

How to get the Kolibri in Battlefield 1?

In order to acquire and use it in the EA and DICE video game, we must reach level 10 and pay 150 war bonds.

It is available to the Medic, Assault, Scout, and Support classes as a secondary weapon. And we simply have to reach level 10 and pay for it.

How is the Kolibri in Battlefield 1?

Well, the truth is that there is nothing better than compare and draw conclusions. Here we leave you all the secondary weapons of the Assault class:

Secondary Weapon Unlock Hurt Precision Shot from the Hip Control Rate of Fire Ammunition
M1911 N/A 44 25 67 35 300 8/40
P08 Pistol 150 BG, Level 0 39 25 67 53 300 9/45
Mle 1903 150 BG, Level 0 38 25 67 73 360 8/56
C93 150 BG, Level 10 36 33 67 62 360 9/45
No.3 Revolver 150 BG, Level 10 54 33 67 twenty 150 6/36
kolibri 150 BG, Level 10 4 25 67 100 450 8/192
Gasser M1870 150 BG, Level 0 70 42 67 13 180 6/24
1903 Hammerless 150 BG, Level 0 32 25 67 80 450 9/54

As you will see the damage it deals is absolutely ridiculous, 4 damage per shot. Also, it’s not particularly accurate. Although it has at least 192 bullets, so if we catch someone clueless who lets us empty 3 magazines, we’ll kill him as well. You can compare it to any of the Battlefield 1 weapons, it doesn’t come close to any of them in performance.

It is so small that, as you will see in the video that we will put at the end of the article, it is fired with two fingers and recharges in the palm of the hand. The magazines are already full and thank goodness because putting the bullets in the magazine would be quite a sight.

How to play with the Kolibri in Battlefield 1?

As long as we are clear that if we choose it as a secondary weapon it is because it is very cool and to hesitate, No problem. Because it is anything but lethal.

The techniques that people use to kill with the Kolibri are to either leave the enemy touched with the main weapon and try to finish it off, or in a shootout take advantage of the work of others to steal death. Too an enemy lying on his back can be a good target. Because yes, two chargers empty relatively quickly, and if we hit several shots to the head or neck, our chances increase.

But since we meet an enemy head-on and with full life… it has to be the first time I play BF1 and even then we have everything to lose.

Anyway, we leave you a video of the Kolibri, so you can judge for yourselves. Of course they can not deny that it is cool.

We hope you liked the Kolibri article and that you hesitate with her!