The best passers in FIFA 17

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Meet the best passers in FIFA 17. The ones who put it where they want it and ensure assists and chances for finishers.

It is worth digging a little deeper into the PAS attribute. Since although a good global assessment assures us of good passes, there are several types, they are short passes, long passes and crosses mainly. And each type of pass is a separate skill. So it will depend on whether we want a footballer to combine, to throw passes into the gap or to hang balls into the area, whether we should pay more attention to one skill or another.

As we mentioned, a “passer” will need to combine with one or other skills depending on the type of pass we want. If we want to exploit the short passes, it will be good for us that he also has dribbling and some physicality, since we will not always be able to pass the ball. If we want a centerer, it would not hurt if he had good speed and stamina. And if we want to throw long balls into the gap, we basically need a player balanced in the rest of the skills so as not to clash when he is not trying to provide an assist. But in general, a good PAS skill guarantees scoring chances (assists) in one way or another. And if a team has a good combination of PAS and DRI (dribbling), the options to overcome rivals and stand near the rival area increase a lot.

Top 10 – Best Passers in FIFA 17

Lionel Messi – FC Barcelona

best of the league in fifa 17 lionel messi

Andres Iniesta – FC Barcelona

best of the league in fifa 17 andres iniesta

David Silva – Manchester City

best of the premiere in fifa 17 david silva

Xabi Alonso – Bayern Munich

FIFA 17 xabi alonso pins

Francesco Totti – AS Roma

FIFA 17 francesco totti pins

Daniel Parejo – Valencia F.C.

FIFA 17 daniel parejo pins

Dimitri Payet – West Ham United

best of the premiere in fifa 17 dimitri payet

Toni Kroos – Real Madrid

top of the league in fifa 17 toni kroos

Cesc Fabregas – Chelsea FC

best of the premier in fifa 17 cesc fabregas

Andrea Pirlo – New York City FC

fifa 17 pins andrea pirlo

Conclusions on the best passers in FIFA 17

Here we see different types of pins as discussed. Pirlo is the best passer in the game, as he dominates the three main passing abilities, although with such weak PAC and PHY it will be difficult to take advantage of him. And it is that the years do not forgive and the Italian is already 37. But yes, as a ball arrives and he can put it, be clear that it will be remote controlled.

Another detail is that whoever wants to pass, play with Spain. La Roja has 5 passers in the top10 of the best passers in FIFA 17, and as many between the following positions. So the tiki taka is still alive, at least in the FIFA saga. As for the club team, we would say that FC Barcelona is the most suitable, although with the general punishment of EA Sports, whoever decides on the Blaugrana is taking risks.

It may be one of the attributes in which we least agree with the FIFA 17 criteria. Dani Parejo and Cesc Fábregas ahead of Iniesta and Messi? Of course when the three coincided at FC Barcelona it was not the case. And Pirlo the best passer in the game at 37? That it had been in other editions was already debatable, but at 37 years old and in a minor league it is difficult to match FIFA 17.

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