The best English players in FIFA 17

Last Updated on December 27, 2022 by Miguel S

Here we show you the best English players in FIFA 17. Regardless of whether they are in the English team or not, these are the best rated by EA Sports

Nationalities in FIFA 17 are no longer just for setting up national teams. There are many challenges in the FUT 17 Squad Builder Challenge that require players of the same nationality to be matched. And also, taking into account factors like the chemistry in Ultimate Team, it is a factor to take into account.

Ranking of the best English players in FIFA 17

Here we leave the best Italian players in FIFA 17, ordered by their overall rating. We put the cutoff at 82 rating and we get 21 players:

  1. John Terry – half 84 – Center back – Chelsea
  2. Wayne Rooney – half 84 – Midfielder – Manchester United
  3. daniel sturridge – half 84 – Striker – Liverpool
  4. Chris Smalling – half 84 – Central defender – Manchester United
  5. harry kane – half 84 – Forward – Tottenham Hostpur
  6. joe hart – half 84 – Goalkeeper – Turin
  7. leighton baines – half 83 – Left Back – Everton
  8. Gary Cahill – half 83 – Center back – Chelsea
  9. Phil Jagielka – half 82 – Central defender – Everton
  10. adam lallana – half 82 – Midfielder – Liverpool
  11. Jack Wilshere – half 82 – Midfielder – Bournemouth
  12. Raheem Sterling – half 82 – Left midfielder – Manchester City
  13. Jamie Vardy – half 82 – Forward – Leicester City
  14. Jack Butland – half 82 – Goalkeeper-Stoke City
  15. Steve Gerard – half 81 – Midfielder – Los Angeles Galaxy
  16. Michael Carrick – half 81 – Defensive Midfielder – Manchester United
  17. James Milner – half 81 – Midfielder -Liverpool
  18. Theo Walcott – half 81 – Left Midfielder – Arsenal
  19. Ryan Shawcross – half 81 – Central defender – Stoke City
  20. Kyle Walker – half 81 – Right Back -Tottenham Hostpur
  21. Nathaniel Clyne – half 81 – Right back – Liverpool
  22. Ross Barkley – half 81 – Midfielder – Everton

Conclusions on the best English players in FIFA 17

The best English players in FIFA 17 meet very focused on the Premier League, although quite scattered among various teams. Which makes things easier in order to make templates with good chemistry.

Although the British is a selection come down. Gone are the times of Lampard, Ashley Cole, or the best years of Gerard, Rooney or John Terry himself. Currently 6 players with a PIR of 84 are the ones with the best averages. John Terry, Wayne Rooney, Sturridge, Smalling, Kane and Hart lead an English team that doesn’t live up to its history, nor to the main FIFA 17 teams.

In any case it is a selection compensated, that does not clearly fail in any of its lines and that can be interesting if we want to play against a team that is not from the Top, or simply want to give the rival some advantage.

Quite a selection challenge, of course. It is possibly the worst of the 9 best teams according to FIFA 17 along with the Netherlands. Although of course it is clearly above other teams that usually have a secondary role in major international tournaments.

hopes for the generational relief are deposited in players like Barkley, Sterling or Kane. Who will have to grow remarkably as footballers to return England to where it belongs. And we hope that in the coming seasons new promises will join the cause.

Video: The best English players in FIFA 17

Now, if what we want is a cheap and competitive English team, there is no shortage of options for players with a PIR of over 80 who are not badly priced. And his concentration in the Premier League guarantees us good levels of chemistry. Here we leave you an example made by youtuber mrsambokaman

We hope that the information has served you, we will update content also with other nationalities. So stay tuned for the next posts.

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