The best defenders in FIFA 17

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We present the best defenders in FIFA 17. Those who allow us to recover balls and stop forwards.

Defense skills are not the ones we usually look at the most, but how appreciated when a team defends well. A good defense ensures fewer scoring opportunities and fewer goals ultimately. The attribute DEFincludes skills such as marking, tackles or force. These skills are more typical of a central or a full back, but when another player also has good DEF ratings, we will see how we end up thanking him. It is especially important to have a player with good defensive levels in the midfield, since otherwise we will see how our rivals are easily planted in our area.

The good thing about a defender with good defensive levels is that he doesn’t need much more. Ideally, a good defender could also have good levels of PAC (speed and snatch) and PHY (stamina, aerial game and strength), but it “doesn’t matter” if he has a good level of passing, dribbling or shooting. The defender only has to stop the opponent and give the ball to those who have other skills to create chances or bring the ball closer to the opponent’s box.

Top 10 – The best defenders in FIFA 17

Sergio Ramos – Real Madrid

best of the league in fifa 17 sergio ramos

Per Mertesacker – Arsenal F.C.

FIFA 17 defenders Per Mertesacker

Mats Hummels – Bayern Munich

FIFA 17 defenders Mats Hummels

Diego Godin – Atletico Madrid

best of the league in fifa 17 diego godin

Pepe – Real Madrid

best of the league in fifa 17 pepe

Joao Miranda – Inter Milan

FIFA 17 defenders Joao Miranda

Andrea Barzagli – Juventus Turin

FIFA 17 defenders andrea barzagli

Thiago Silva – PSG

FIFA 17 defenders thiago silva

Giorgio Chiellini – Juventus Turin

FIFA 17 defenders giorgio chiellini

– Bayern Munich Jerome Boateng

FIFA 17 defenders jerome boateng

All the defenders that make up this list of the best defenders in FIFA 17 are center backs. So you don’t see many combinations of defense with speed that we could see if there were any full-backs. But we do see several good combinations of defense with physicality, such as Chiellini’s. Pepe, Ramos or Boateng.

Of the three defenders that have 90 DEF, the most complete is undoubtedly the German from Bayern Boateng. He is an example of a defender with good combinations of PHY and PAC. And in the same line we have the Italian from Juve Chiellini, since Thiago Silva is already beginning to weaken in those attributes.

Beware of the pairs of centrals that are seen in this list. Juve’s Chiellini and Barzagli, Bayern’s Boateng and Hummels, and Real Madrid’s Pepe and Ramos are the three pairs with the highest DEF levels in FIFA 17, so whoever wants defensive solidity and avoid leaks, already knows which teams they have to take. In case they weren’t already clear that these three teams are the best in the game. Juve, in fact, is one of the teams that is going to improve the most in this edition, since it has protagonists in all the lines.

Mertesacker deserves a separate mention. Arsenal’s German has such a low PAC level (27), that he can be especially frustrating to play despite his good DEF attribute. It is clear that it is not fast, but that assessment of FIFA 17 may be a bit exaggerated.

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