The best Brazilian players in FIFA 17

Last Updated on December 27, 2022 by Miguel S

Here we show you the best Brazilian players in FIFA 17. Regardless of whether they are in the Brazil team or not, these are the best rated by EA Sports

Nationalities in FIFA 17 are no longer just for setting up national teams. There are many challenges in the FUT 17 Squad Builder Challenge that require players of the same nationality to be matched. And also, taking into account factors like the chemistry in Ultimate Team, it is a factor to take into account.

Ranking of the best Brazilian players in FIFA 17

Here we leave, ordered by their overall rating, the best Argentine players in FIFA 17. We put in court at 82 rating and we get 24 players:

  1. Neymar – half 92 – Left winger – FC Barcelona
  2. Thiago Silva – half 89 – Central defender – Paris Saint Germain (PSG)
  3. joao miranda – half 86 – Central defender – Inter Milan
  4. Marcelo – half 86 – Left back – Real Madrid
  5. Daniel Alves – half 85 – Right Back – Juventus Turin
  6. Philip Louis – half 85 – Left back – Atlético de Madrid
  7. William – half 85 – Right Midfielder – Chelsea FC
  8. Coutinho – half 85 – Midfielder – Lievrpool
  9. Naldo – half 84 – Center back – FC Schalke 04
  10. Jonas – half 84 – Centre-Forward – SL Benfica
  11. David Luiz – half 84 – Central defender – Chelsea F.C.
  12. Douglas Costa – half 83 – Left midfielder – Bayern Munich
  13. alex sandro – half 84 – Left Back – Juventus Turin
  14. Luis Gustavo – half 83 – Defensive midfielder – VFL Wolfsburg
  15. Oscar – half 83 – Midfielder – Chelsea FC
  16. Julius Caesar – half 83 – Goalkeeper -SL Benfica
  17. diego alves – half 83 – Goalkeeper – Valencia F.C.
  18. kaka – half 82 – Midfielder – Orlando City
  19. Raffael – half 82 – Forward – Borussia Monchengladbach
  20. jardel – half 82 – Central defender – SL Benfica
  21. Casemiro – half 82 – Defensive midfielder – Real Madrid
  22. Luke – half 82 – Right winger – Paris Saint Germain (PSG)
  23. Roberto Firmino – half 82 – Striker – Liverpool
  24. Marquinhos – half 82 – Central defender – Paris Saint Germain (PSG)

Conclusions on the best Brazilian players in FIFA 17

The best Brazilian players in FIFA 17 meet too scattered by different leagues and teams. Which complicates a bit in order to achieve good levels of chemistry. Inside it is the largest exporter of soccer players, so although with a lower rating, all the leagues are full of canarinha players

It is a very interesting team without a doubt. It mainly stands out for having a tremendously solid defense with Neymar at the top, in an island plan, yes. He lacks some company to combine the Blaugrana attacker. being Willian, Douglas Costa and Coutinho his best allies, very fast by the way. It is not the samba football of yesteryear but it is certainly one of the best balanced national teams.

If something scarce among the rows of Rio de Janeiro is a consistent line in the core that fluidity to the game. Although variants can be made on the standard positions such as raise Marcelo to the extreme, thus also allowing Filipe Luis to take advantage. The same could be done too with Daniel Alves, thus being able to take advantage of Alex Sandro. The truth is that the Brazilian full-backs are very skilled and give a lot of play. And now that we’re done, let’s not rule out going up to one of its plants, David Luiz it’s not bad like DCM.

This is a team whose international appearances in recent years have been quite poor. But the reality is that their ratings in FIFA are above some that have been more competitive such as Argentina and Dshould be one of the top 3 or 4 options for those who want to play with national teams

Video: the best Brazilian players in FIFA 17

Here we show you how the best Brazilian team would look, respecting the positions, it is a video from youtuber Cacho01. But as you can see we ended up playing with a CDM of 81 and a DC of 80, which can be improved if we advance positions of players with ample capacity for it.

We hope that the information has served you, we will update content also with other nationalities. So stay tuned for the next posts.

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