The 8 best bots in Spanish for Discord

Good news: there are bots for Discord that are in Spanish! Over the years, several programmers have been encouraged to create bots completely in Spanish or with which you can interact in this language. Currently, you can add all kinds of bots to your server, with options for music, moderation, game monitoring or fun features. Meet 8 excellent bots in Spanish for Discord!

1. Chocolate

Page to invite the Chocolat bot

Chocolat is a powerful bot for Discord, and the best thing is that it’s completely in Spanish! As usual, it contains moderation features to mute or kick annoying members from the server. Beyond this, Chocolat has quite useful commands: you can search as if you were using Google or interact / react with images and gifs.

If you and the server members are fans of the game osu!, there are features that allow you to see the score of others, for example. It’s perfect for creating rivalries! Finally, you can also configure details such as showing a welcome or farewell message or automatically assigning a role to new members.

2. Ayana

Ayana - Bot Discord in Spanish

Ayana bot invite page

Ayana is one of the most popular bots out there for Discord. It is active practically every hour and day of the year, is updated frequently and has many very useful features. For example, you can include music on your server through YouTube, SoundCloud or Twitch, among others.

Other options are related to advanced moderation tools and a server permissions system. Along with this you can easily manage the role of each participant. In addition, there is no lack of fun commands to fill the chat with images of cats and dogs and the funniest interactions.

As a clarification, it is not a bot entirely in Spanish but you can interact with Ayana in this language.

3. Streamcord / TwitchBot

Streamcord TwitchBot - Discord Bot in Spanish

Page to invite the Streamcord / TwitchBot bot

Streamcord, previously known as TwitchBot, is a very good bot if you follow several streamers from Twitch. With it you can receive instant notifications to know who is live and even see details and statistics about the streamer correspondent. Also, if some members also stream, you can give them visibility!

Another thing you can do with Streamcord is view the highlights of the transmissions, either in general or from a selection of your own. At the same time, you can know what is a trend and pay a visit to that streamer that you never knew until then. All in all, a good bot if you use Twitch frequently!

4. Edge

Filo - Discord Bot

Page to invite the Filo bot

Filo is a simple bot that does not include many options but does its job well. In a nutshell, this bot makes it easy for you to manage and moderate the server. For example, one of the features is to log user actions, so you can take a look at the logs if someone has created problems in your absence. Members can also report the behavior of others!

5. Nekotine

Nekotina - Bot Discord in Spanish

Nekotina bot invite page

If you are looking for a bot to keep your server active, Nekotina is one of the best without a doubt. Do you want to play music? You can play from many sources. Do you want to respond with images? Nekotina helps you in that and in fact, you will be tempted to do it again and again. And if you are looking to create clubs within the server? With Nekotina, that’s easy.

The options don’t end there! It also includes server role assignment and moderation commands. There are pets, games, it adds the possibility of marrying members and it has a very interesting economy system. Trust us: with Nekotina, no one on your server will get bored.

6. Pokedex

Pokedex - Bot Discord in Spanish

Page to invite the Pokedex bot

The Pokedex bot is simple in what it offers, but very useful at the same time! If you are a lover of Pokémon games and you can’t get rid of them, this bot is perfect for you. With Pokedex you will be able to know all kinds of details about each Pokémon. And it offers much more than that, since it is possible to search by types, movements, see Shiny models, find information on objects, etc.

7. CookieBot

CookieBot - Bot Discord in Spanish

Page to invite the CookieBot bot

CookieBot is a bot focused on interacting with each other through reactions and images. There are several categories like hugs, dogs, kisses or if things get really bad you can send a violent gif! It also includes moderation tools and extra details such as being able to see the status of your connection.


Kae - Bot Discord in Spanish

Kae bot invite page

To finish, Kae is a bot that includes a good cocktail of different functionalities. It has commands for moderation, interaction with images and even search for them, role play and music. If you’re looking to tone up your server, there are also NSFW options! Finally, the Kae bot also shows various information about the games Minecraft, osu! Y Fortnite, plus details about a specific Pokémon.

How to install the bots on Discord

Adding a bot to Discord is quite easy, as you only need to do a few steps. To show you how to do this, we’ll use Ayana’s bot as an example. First of all, go to Ayana’s website, which we have included in this article.

Install bot on Discord

On Ayana’s home page, you will see the “Invite” button. For other bots, you may need to navigate the page to find this button, but it usually appears at first sight. Instead, you’ll sometimes see an “Add” or “Add/Invite” button. Hit that button, which will take you to the Discord web page.

If you are not connected to the Discord website, enter the account name and password. You will then see this:

Authorize bot on Discord

The only thing you need to do here is select the server you want to add the bot to, review the permissions you are going to give the bot, and then press the “Authorize” button. However, keep in mind that you must own the server to add bots.

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