Super Mario Run Android will arrive next March

Super Mario Run Android

Last Updated on January 19, 2022 by Miguel S

The first platform adventure of the Nintendo plumber will no longer be exclusive to iPhone. Super Mario Run Android will be released next March on terminals that carry this operating system. Without a doubt, Android users are in luck. The news has been published by the Japanese company itself through the Twitter network. Now all that remains is to wait for spring!

Since Nintendo and Niantic broke into the mobile market with the Pokemon franchise, many have speculated about other possible launches by the Big N. How could it be otherwise, the most commented by popular rumor mill was Super Mario Bros. Y the news would not be long in coming. Last September, the great Miyamoto announced Super Mario Run, a new title exclusively for iPhone. The platforms in question would see the light in mid-December under the tutelage of iOS. Fantastic news with a bittersweet flavor for those who dreamed of a Super Mario Run Android.

However, they say that good things take time. We are not entirely sure that a run is the most suitable game for Super Mario Bros. But, without a doubt, the arrival of Super Mario Run Android and Super Mario Run iOS is great news. The mere fact of being able to enjoy the mustachioed plumber on our mobiles is already worth it.

The secret is in the numbers

It cannot be confirmed with absolute certainty that Super Mario Run has been a success. Although the numbers bear this out (90 million downloads at $9.99), for Nintendo it is not enough. And beware, because we are talking about a conversion rate close to 3%, when the average freemium is around 2% with cheaper products.

As you can see, success is relative. Indeed, Super Mario Run is above average, and perhaps it could improve its numbers with Super Mario Run Android. However, these are figures that are far from what would be expected from a company like Nintendo.

So, whether or not it’s the game fans expected, Super Mario Run works. However, allocating it to a single operating system like iOS, with a limited market, was not the best option. Hence, after testing with iPhone, Nintendo has decided to port Super Mario Run Android. Not surprisingly, in 2022, 88.8% of all smartphones sold in the world were Android. The ideal breeding ground for a Super Mario Run Android that seeks to conquer the play by paying market.

Super Mario Run Android, it’s time to wait

As we said in the previous paragraph, Super Mario Run Android will be, a priori, a port of the iOs title. Those of Miyamoto have simply limited themselves to announcing their future departure, but have not gone into details. The logical thing would be to wait for news regarding the game that is already enjoyed on iPhone. Of course, it would even be required, taking into account the time that separates one and the other release.

In any case, to know what everything is, we will still have to wait a bit. Super Mario Run Android will arrive throughout the month of March. Yes you read correctly. The Big N has not specified the exact date on which the game’s launch will take place. Let’s cross our fingers so that this occurs at the beginning of the month and not at the end.

Super Mario Run Android is a run court platform video game starring the legendary Nintendo character. The title is the result of Takashi Tezuka and Shigeru Miyamoto’s obsession with bringing Mario to the mobile environment. One of the main premises of the project was that Super Mario Run Android could be played with one hand. For this reason, the run subgenre was chosen in the conception of the game. And although the most fans of the franchise will miss the classic gameplay, it will not be an insurmountable drawback. The more than 90 million downloads cited above serve as an example.