Selection of the best weapons in Battlefield 1

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Do you want to know the best weapons in Battlefield 1? Next we will show you a selection of the most outstanding in the most popular video game of the First World War

Before we begin to show you our selection, clarify that there are no “best Battlefield 1 weapons”. Depending on the class and the style of play or the situation, there are more or less appropriate weapons. And each of them will give us certain benefits that others lack. So everyone can have their own opinion.

But what is true is that there are weapons that stand out above the rest because of what can be achieved with them. So what you are going to read next It is not only a subjective opinion, which in part it is., the result of a few hours of flight in the EA and DICE shooter.

Tankgewehr M1918

We start with the obvious, and that is that the weapon of the Tank Hunter it is a delight. Being able to blow up tanks and other vehicles with an infantry rifle is just brutal.

It is not that it is the weapon with the best playability, since we must shoot prone and the recharge time is a bit slow. But you can imagine how unbalanced it is both on defense and attack.

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AT Rocket Gun

Another weapon that makes the difference is the rocket launcher of the assault class. For a similar reason, since it can deal with armored vehicles. Although in this case and unlike the Tankgewehr, it also helps us to dismantle trenches or shoot down a group of enemies suddenly. And it is that his area damage It’s the best we can get with foot soldiers.

Without a doubt, few circumstances justify that we do not choose this gadget as long as we are assault class. One of the best weapons in Battlefield 1 without a doubt.

Wechselapparat M1917 – Flamethrower

If there is a weapon that reigns in the short distances, that is the flamethrower. You may need a few tenths of a second. But when he starts to breathe fire, he can do burn everything that is put in front of it, buildings included. And even if it has barely grazed an enemy, it will continue to deal damage moments later.

An ideal weapon both to protect an entrance, and to assault a building, which weasel in a rabbit hole.

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cavalry sword

If there is a melee weapon that stands out above all, that is the cavalry sword. It is in the group of melee weapons that do more damage with its impacts, 80. But it surpasses the axe, the pick and the shovel in stability. So it has to be among the best Battlefield 1 weapons as well.

Here you can expand information about the cavalry sword in BF1.

Bar M1918

The support class It stands out more for its gadgets than for its weapons, but the Bar M1918 in its attack version deserves a special mention. In the short and medium distances it is fulminating, it is the machine gun that causes more damage per second. It’s not bad at the hip, and if it weren’t for the fact that its magazine only has 20 bullets, we would be talking about an almost cheat weapon. Also note that the damage is barely reduced with distance.

Selbstlader M1916

The Marksman variant of the Selbstader M1916 is the best weapon in the medical class With permission from Mondragón in its sniper version. Have the charger Largest of the medic class and deals more than 50 damage, so with 2 or 3 bullets it causes kills. It has very good performance at all distances, so its versatility is maximum. Weapons like this make the medic class a very complete class.

It is true that we have to learn to use it, and not shoot as fast as we can if we do not want to lose precision.


The sniper version of the Mondragon from the medical class it’s on par with scout-class weapons. lethal to long distance for its precision and because it allows repeating shots at high speed without affecting the aim. Weapons like this are proof of the versatility that the medic class has in Battlefield 1. And it cannot be missing from the selection of the best weapons in Battlefield 1

Automatic M1918

For short distances and with the assault class, the automatic, both in attack (aiming) like in trench (hip) it is probably the best weapon in the class. It’s the gun with more video game cadence (900), which makes it the terror of short distances in BF 1. Although it has a flaw, and that is that the magazine with 25 bullets is not especially large.

Hellriegel 1915

It is also from the assault class, and is unlocked at level 10. Although it has a cadence slightly smaller than the automatic, 600, it has a much larger magazine, 60 bullets. So its effect at close range can be even more devastating than that of the automatic.

10-A Hunter Shotgun

And although we repeat ourselves a lot with the assault class, is that in short distances you have a choice. This is the best shotgun in the game and one of the best battlefield 1 weapons. It deals a lot of damage, works great from the hip, and just like the other two weapons in the class, absolutely destructive at close range.

Lee-Enfield Mark III (SLME MKIII)

Many would have chosen other sniper rifles, such as the Martini-Henri or the Lawrence of Arabia. But Martini-Henry it has a single bullet, poor rate of fire and no scope. And the Lawrence of Arabia It is practically identical to the SLME MKIII, but it is a little worse on the hip.

That a sniper rifle has 10 bullets is essential, and of those of 10 bullets, it is the Lee-Enfield Mark III that better benefits offers. One of the best weapons in Battlefield 1 hands down.

We are also talking about a British rifle that has been used since the end of the 19th century until the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. And if it has been used for more than a century, it must be for a reason. It is absolutely fearsome.

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