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Last Updated on January 26, 2022 by Miguel S

Within the world of football, one of the most controversial issues is the one that refers to the salaries of the players. And when it comes to Madrid fans, this is no exception. All the followers of the white team are concerned, more or less, about Real Madrid salaries.

Not much less. Modern football has shown that those teams that have better players are more competitive. A squad equipped with renowned footballers generates more possibilities to access important leagues and also important competitions. What happens then? Well, the ability to win titles increases.

Although this premise is obvious, signing big stars is not so obvious. A club requires a large financial lung, if it wants to have “big signings” in its ranks. Therefore, to capture the attention of good players, Real Madrid salaries have to be appropriate to their cache, although they may seem exorbitant. If the best football club of all time wants the best, it will also have to pay accordingly.

Here we leave you a list with all the Real Madrid 2022 salaries, where we also include Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo: €17 million
  • Gareth Bale: €11 million (increased to 14-15 after renewal)
  • Sergio Ramos: €10 million
  • Karim Benzema: €8 million
  • Kross: €6 million
  • James: €6 million
  • Marcelo: €5 million
  • Modric: €4.5 million (increased to 5-6 after renewal)
  • Keylor Navas: €4 million
  • Pepe: 3.8 million/€ (increased to 4-4.5 if there is renewal)
  • Casemiro: €3 million
  • Coentrao: €2.5 million
  • Daniel: €2.5 million
  • Carvajal: €2.5 million
  • Blackberry: €2.5 million
  • varan: €2.4 million
  • Kovacic: €2.4 million
  • Odegaard: €2.4 million
  • Isco: €2 million
  • Nacho: €1.2 million
  • Kiko Casilla: €1.2 million
  • Lucas Vazquez: 1 million/€
  • Marco Asensio: 1 million/€
  • Marian: Less than 1 million/€

In the first place is, quite unlike the rest, Cristiano Ronaldo. At the end of the list we see how Mariano, Marco Asensio or Lucas Vazquez, earn 17 times less than the Portuguese.

Sergio Ramos Final Champions 2016
Sergio Ramos Final Champions 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo, the highest paid

Obviously, not all Real Madrid salaries are exceptional, since they must be in accordance with the category of each player. Thus, Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary is very different from Gareth Bale’s salary or James’s salary. Obviously, as in any self-respecting profession, Real Madrid salaries are reviewed every season, based on the milestones achieved. The 2022 Real Madrid salaries cannot remain unchanged, for example, as they will vary with the 2022 Real Madrid salaries. Although the performance of some players does not justify it, it is normal for them to earn more each year or leave the club.

Real Madrid salaries are a tricky issue, as is the case with the salaries applied by other clubs. Why? Well, very simple. Because the law establishes that a worker cannot be lowered the agreed salary, no matter how little he performs. And the case of Real Madrid salaries is no exception, nor are those of other sports entities.

Florentino has to pay close attention to Real Madrid salaries, if he doesn’t want to break the income statement. Take Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary as an example. Real Madrid has set the Luso player’s salary at 17 million euros. Without a doubt, this is an astronomical figure even for a club like Chamartín.

Sustainable salaries for Real Madrid stars

So if Cristiano Ronaldo scores the necessary goals, his salary will not be in question. It will have been an indisputable success for Real Madrid. But if, on the contrary, Cristiano Ronaldo were to get injured… Houston, we have a problem! Imagine for a moment the hole that losing its best commercial due to depression would mean for a company. It would stop producing income, but it would maintain a fixed cost, and perhaps unaffordable, for the company. In that case, within Real Madrid salaries, Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary would mean a serious hole for the white entity.

It is clear that a severe drop in performance of Real Madrid’s best player or a serious injury would shake the club’s accounts. A hole of 11 million would be generated in the balance. We are not here to discuss whether Real Madrid salaries are high or low. But yes to try to understand if these are, or not, sustainable.

Currently, Real Madrid salaries alone add up to a total of 103 million euros. If Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary can make a dent in the viability of the project, imagine if Bale and Ramos fall. Real Madrid would have an investment of 39 million euros in salaries that, a priori, it does not produce. You heard right 39 kilos! No more no less.

Santiago Bernabeu new
Santiago Bernabeu new

A house of cards that could collapse

But the thing does not end there. Soon, the leadership of the Bernabéu, with Florentino at the helm, will have to negotiate Real Madrid salaries. The good news is that the salary increase will not affect the entire white squad. The bad news is that the increase will take place on the payroll of some of the most valued players. Except Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary, which will remain stable, without variations.

The Real Madrid salary increase will first affect the following players. Gareth Bale, whose salary will suffer an increase of between 3 and 4 million euros. Luca Modric, who will receive a rise of around 4 or 5 million euros. And Pepe, who in case of renewal, would increase his salary by around 5 million euros. If all these salary increases take place, Real Madrid salaries will finally increase by around 14 million euros. That is to say, the white directive will have to pay a total of 117 million euros only in payroll.

To the question, is such a sizeable quota sustainable only for Real Madrid salaries? The answer is not clear, since there are several factors that can decisively alter the result. In principle, if all the players perform at the highest level and meet the expectations placed on them, the accounts will be saved, despite the bulk of Real Madrid salaries. Now, if one of the players “clicks”, and it is one of the “fat” ones, it will cause problems.


In my opinion, the balance, the stability, of Real Madrid hangs in the balance. It is like a house of cards in which, if one of the cards that support the building breaks, it will plummet. Although, by the way, Florentino is a lot Florentino, and I highly doubt that Real Madrid salaries will be a debacle for him. The future… finally God will tell.