Pitioss Dungeon Guide in Final Fantasy 15

Last Updated on December 25, 2022 by Miguel S

The Pitioss Dungeon in Final Fantasy 15 is one of the most popular in the video game due to the difficulty of its puzzles in the dark

How to get to the Pitioss Dungeon in FF 15?

The Pitioss Dungeon in Final Fantasy 15 is one of the secret dungeons that are accessed after finish the story principal. And in this case, we also have to have the flying regalia to be able to access.

we must go to lestallum at night, between 21:00 (9 PM) and 05:00 (5 AM), and go to an alley that is in the east of the city, behind a food stall.

In a window we will activate the Secondary Mission «Lost memories of the bandits«, which will send us the Mercaverinas (Ravatogh). Specifically we will have to go towards a yellow / orange line that we will see on the map. ¡¡Be careful when landing!! fly low and L2 to make it soft. We will have to do it flying with the regalia, since it is in the middle of the mountain. We will have to reach the building that can be seen in the distance, and after climbing some stairs we will find the Magitec Core and we will have finished the mission.

But then we will see that jumping through the bars we can enter (if it is night) the dungeon of Pitioss in Final Fantasy 15 (or puzzle dungeon).

What to do in the Pitioss dungeon in FF 15?

It is a tremendously complicated dungeon, and not because of the enemies that we will find. This very dark and it’s a maze full of puzzles that increase their difficulty in a remarkable way.

Get ready for a very long dungeon to finish. Although there are no enemies, the traps, drops, spikes and others, which make his fame justified.

There are countless objects, but most of them are useless. What interests us most is at the end and it is the black hood. With this item, Noctis will automatically dodge attacks, so its usefulness is tremendous.

Videos: Pitioss Dungeon in Final Fantasy 15

Next we are going to show you two videos, since explaining everything in writing can confuse you more than clarify it.

In this first video we will see how to overcome the Pitioss dungeon in Final Fantasy 15 slowly but surely. More or less you will know all the corners of this dark puzzle dungeon in a quite reasonable time, about 30 minutes. And watch out, there are those who get lost and can’t get out for more than 3 hours.

But since the popularity of the Pitioss dungeon in Final Fantasy 15 has turned it into a challenge against the clock, we are forced to show you this other video. It is not that we are very in favor of speedruns, but in this case it is impressive. Youtuber Sean Gallagher teaches us how to beat the puzzle dungeon in just a minute and a half (90 seconds)

There are those who prefer to enjoy each scenario and lengthen the video game a bit. But if all you want is the black cape and see you later, the second video is your option, hands down.

We hope this guide has served you to overcome the Pitioss dungeon in Final Fantasy 15. We leave you a link in case you want to know anything about any other of the FF 15 dungeons

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