PES 2022: the best players of this year!

¡PES 2022 is now available to play! Thanks to that, we now have the scores of each player. Knowing in what numbers they develop is very important, especially for those who want to play the new Master League of this edition. Without a doubt, you want to have the best team possible.

As expected, the absolute cracks of PES 2022 They are Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, both with 94 points. They are followed by Neymar, with an amazing 92. Apart from these three, there are many players who are excellent and good choices for your team in Master League.

To help you in the task of building your team, we have created a list with the 5 best players of each position. At the end of the article we present our own Dream Team of this edition of the franchise. Meet the cracks of PES 2022!

Messi is the undisputed winner in PES 2022. Who is your favorite player?


Player Punctuation Team
Allison 90 Liverpool
De Gea 90 Manchester United
oblak 90 Atletico Madrid
Ederson 89 Manchester City
Ter Stegen 89 FC Barcelona

Brazilian goalkeeper Alison shares the podium with De Gea and Oblak. All three received the same score, but Alison has a slight edge over the rest. Not for nothing was he champion of the Champions League! To the surprise of many people, Neuer and Courtois have fallen out of the TOP 5, but Ederson and Ter Stegen round out the list as undisputed talents.


Player Punctuation Team
Van Dijk 91 Liverpool
Pique 90 FC Barcelona
Sergio Ramos 90 Real Madrid
Koulibali 88 Naples
hummels 88 Bor. Dortmund

The results of Van Dijk’s effort have not only been demonstrated on the football pitch, but also in PES 2022. He leads the table ahead of excellent defenders Piqué and Sergio Ramos. Although there are doubts about whether other players could have broken into the TOP 5, both Koulibaly and Hummels have proven to be among the best.


Player Punctuation Team
Jordi Alba 87 FC Barcelona
Praise 87 Bayern Munich
Kimmich 87 Bayern Munich
Marcelo 86 Real Madrid
alex sandro 85 Juventus

The speedy player Jordi Alba has positioned himself as the best winger in the game. His talent with the ball is undeniable, although one can only look at the following players: Alaba and Kimmich. Both belong to the same team, quite a feat if we talk about the TOP. Of course, the Brazilians Marcelo and Alex Sandro could not be left out, although their scores of 86 and 85 are among the lowest in this article.


Player Punctuation Team
Sergio Busquets 89 FC Barcelona
Kante 88 Chelsea
Pjanic 87 Juventus
Casemiro 86 Real Madrid
Fernandinho 86 Manchester City

Sergio Busquets is recognized as the best midfielder in PES 2022. He is a safe player with effective passes, in addition to not letting any opponent pass. Kanté is placed in second position, followed by Pjanic, Casemiro and Fernandinho. You may doubt who between Busquets and Kanté is the quintessential midfielder, but it is obvious that both are perfect players for your team.


Player Punctuation Team
DeBruyne 90 Manchester City
modric 89 Real Madrid
Pogba 88 Manchester United
David Silva 88 Manchester City
Eriksen 88 Tottenham Hotspurs

Modric is the captain who led his national team, Croatia, to the 2022 World Cup final. Even with that legacy, crack De Bruyne is one point ahead of him, though there are plenty of reasons why. A curious fact about the midfielders is that the TOP 5 is made up of four players from the Premier League. Don’t hesitate to give Pogba, David Silva and Eriksen a chance!


Player Punctuation Team
Messi 94 FC Barcelona
Cristiano Ronaldo 94 Juventus
Neymar 92 Paris SG
hazard 91 Real Madrid
Salah 90 Liverpool

Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the kings in PES 2022That no one can deny. The Argentine player barely beats the Portuguese in this installment. Behind it, three talents who play in different leagues are on his heels: Neymar in Ligue 1, Hazard in LaLiga and Salah in the Premier League. Who is your favorite winger?


Player Punctuation Team
Suarez 91 FC Barcelona
Omen 91 Manchester City
kane 90 Tottenham Hotspurs
Griezmann 90 FC Barcelona
Mbappe 90 Paris SG

In the list of the best forwards, the Latin Americans Suárez and Agüero are positioned on the podium. To these two are added three players who have been successful, either in trophies or recognition: Kane, Griezmann and Mbappé. First of all, the champions of the French national team still have a lot to prove!

The PES 2022 Dream Team

We have tried to take the best players from each position to compose the dream team in PES 2022. If you are wondering who should be part of your cast, these are our recommendations.

  • PT: Allison
  • DEC: Pique and Van Dijk
  • LI: Jordi Alba
  • LD: Kimmich
  • DCM: Busquets
  • MC: De Bruyne and Modric
  • EXI: Cristiano Ronaldo
  • EXD: Messi
  • CD: Suarez

It is never easy to put together a list of the best soccer players. In PES 2022, it is even more difficult! The players on this list are all very good and balanced, suitable for different tactics and formations. If we are honest with you, we could create up to 4 teams with the big names of this Pro Evolution Soccer. What is your Dream Team?

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