Movements and pirouettes in Super Mario Run

Last Updated on December 25, 2022 by Miguel S

Mastering the moves and stunts in Super Mario Run will be key in all game modes. We will get where we want and we will obtain great benefits at the end of the game

Jumps with pirouettes in Super Mario Run

Any of the characters will overcome small obstacles without the need for us to do anything by doing a mini jump. But from there there are a series of jumps and jumps with pirouettes that we must know.

  • normal jump: Pressing the screen will be enough for the character to overcome a normal obstacle
  • prolonged jump: If we press and keep our finger on the screen, the jump will be higher and longer.
  • spin in the air: We must make a prolonged jump (press and hold), and when we are in the air press again. This move is considered a pirouette.
  • landing rolling: Just when the character is going to land after a jump, we must press to land with a somersault. This move is considered a pirouette.
  • bounce off walls: It consists of pressing the screen just at the moment in which we touch a wall in front of us. This move is considered a pirouette.
  • Somersault Climb: If while we are climbing an obstacle or wall we press the screen again, the character will jump over it, pushing himself with his hands and doing a somersault. This move is considered a pirouette.
  • Roll + somersault: If after landing rolling we press the screen, the character will get up with a somersault. This move is considered a pirouette.

What do we get with the stunts in Super Mario Run?

Flips have multiple benefits in Nintendo’s racing video game:

  • We will get where we want: There are not many movements to learn, and when we master them we will be much more precise to reach the places we want, and not leave anything behind.
  • we will win races: Pirouettes are essential to get coins (Gold Rush), and to get Toads to follow us in racing mode. You can see it in detail in the tutorial to win races.

More tips on movements in Super Mario Run

Applying pirouettes or other alternatives at different moments of the game can help us maximize the benefits of each action.

  • stomp spinning: Whenever we can, when jumping on an enemy, we try to turn beforehand. This way we will kill him in a special way and our score will increase.
  • jump several walls: If we consecutively jump 2 or more walls with somersault, our score will increase.
  • multi-block: If we jump with our heads in the middle of two blocks, we will take the prize of both.
  • Bubble: If we don’t have a wall to bounce off and we’ve missed something, the bubble will help us rewind for a few moments in the game.
  • Die: Killing us doesn’t have to be the worst option. If we’ve missed enough things and can’t come back with a bounce or bubble, let’s make this decision, as we’ll rewind quite a bit more.
  • Stop: You don’t always have to run, we can stop for a moment if necessary. And if this guarantees us to make a next move with greater benefits.

Video: Pirouettes in Super Mario Run

Here we leave you a video with the main tips on movements and tricks in Super Mario Run:

We hope that this guide on movements and tricks in Super Mario Run has been useful to you. We will continue to update the latest current news of Nintendo’s fashion game.