Master Goku in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

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In this article we will show you all the missions and super attacks that we will learn from Master Goku in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

The first techniques and super attacks of Master Goku’s DLC in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 are quite good. In general, they are all quite usable and recommendable. The Kamehameha, are very very good attacks, the best of the video game. In total there are 4 missions in which he will teach us 4 super attacks.

You learned Gendimaka

First of all, the super attack You Learned Genkidama is achieved in the goku initiation test. And it consists of accumulating energy and launching it at our adversary. The genkidama will fly towards our rival and then return to our character

It takes away a lot of stamina (blue bar), so it’s quite useful because it also consumes very little Ki. It’s most effective, obviously, when your opponent’s guard is broken. A very effective technique for online.

Learned Teleportation

The super attack Learned Teleportation is achieved in the Goku lesson 1. And it is that we will teleport in front of our rival if he is far away, or behind his back if he is close.

Another quite interesting technique, although for online with its lags it can be somewhat more complicated to handle and take advantage of.

Learned Kamehameha x 10

The super attack Learned Kamehameha x 10 is achieved in the Goku lesson 2. And it consists of an increased Kamehameha, if we keep the button pressed, it can increase its power up to 5 times.

If we want to charge it to the top, it is a bit slow and easy to dodge, although very very powerful. So it’s an interesting attack, though not particularly effective. It doesn’t require a lot of Ki and is very appropriate against opponents with a lot of resistance.

Super Kamehameha

Finally the Super Kamehameha super attack is achieved in the Goku lesson 3. And it consists of a tremendously powerful Kamehameha, if we manage to break our rival’s guard, we will destroy him.

It consumes 4 bars of Ki, but we are talking about a devastating attack. It requires breaking his guard beforehand to take advantage of it, but if we succeed, the attack is brutal.

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Video: Master Goku in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Here we leave you this video of youtuber m2wolfsergio3. In it you can see how all the super attacks and techniques that we learn from Master Goku are put into practice.

We hope you have found this mini guide useful and try Goku in DBXV2.