Lords Mobile: how to unlock little monsters and use their abilities

War and strategy games like Lord’s Mobile They are simple to play but difficult to master. There are many buildings to build, dozens of heroes to recruit, and plenty of resources to use. Among all the elements of the game, the monster system It is striking, although at first glance it can be confusing.

In this guide, we explain all the basics about the monster system. It will help you take one more step towards the ultimate goal: to become the next Lord of Lord’s Mobile!

What is the monster system and how is it unlocked?

The monster system is the combination of four different buildings: Dmonster dominance, mystic needle, Gym Y Fountain. With these buildings, you can unlock unique characters called monsters or relatives.

To build these four buildings, you will first need to complete the battle 8. Once that is done, you will have this snowy terrain at your disposal to recruit the famous little monsters. If you are concerned about the requirements to level up buildings, they only depend on the level of the monster’s Castle and Domain.

Once you have these buildings on your land, you will be more than ready to use the system. Of course, at the risk of repeating ourselves, do not forget to level up the buildings to the maximum possible!

monster domain

Lords Mobile: Monster Domain

This is the building where all the unlocked monsters will stay. Once you have them, there is no chance of losing them, so they are yours forever! It is also the place where you will use the united pacts. When there are pacts available to open, they will appear where the drawing of the dragon with the green plus sign is located.

It’s a quick way to see how your relatives. Likewise, it notifies you which of all of them are training and who are ready to level up or stage. It is worth keeping an eye on this building, especially if you want to improve relatives as soon as possible. To improve them, first click on the desired character.

Lords Mobile: Upgrade Little Monsters

Within the menu of the selected monster, you will see two important sections: Basic Attributes and Skills. In the first section you will see the stage of the character. It is similar to the rank of your heroes, only in this case there are only three in total: pups, adult Y old man. The only way to go from one stage to another is by using the monster’s runes, and you can use gems to make the climb instantaneous.

The second section is very important, because it is the useful part of the entire monstrous system. Each character has their own abilities that allow them to increase production, reduce construction times, among other things. In some cases, you can even attack an enemy castle with a family!

There are three types of skills:

  • The permanent effect: these are abilities that, once you have the corresponding character, are always activated. They improve everything that has to do with territory, resources, construction speed, research, travel, etc.
  • The support ones: These are totally harmless and useful skills for your growth. When you get a support one, while navigating your territory you will see a new dragon icon on the right. In some cases, you will only be able to use the skill once every so often; in others, the effect will be permanent.
  • The attack ones: These are purely offensive skills, dedicated to reducing the attack power of an enemy castle or gaining more information, among other advantages. To use them, skill stones are required.

mystic needle

The Mystic Spire is the building where you can join pacts and create skill stones.

Lords Mobile: Pacts in the Mystic Spire

For one thing, there are six different pact types that we can join: 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3, and 4. You’ll need to complete research from the “Little Monsters” branch to unlock them all.

Each covenant type contains a set of relatives specific that cannot be obtained through other types of pact. That is, a certain little monster will always be exclusive of the pact. For example, if you want a Pyris you will need to join one of 2B. As you can see in the image above, joining pacts requires using all the resources in the game.

Completing the union will give you one of three items:

  • A new monster.
  • A rune from a previously obtained little monster.
  • One or more fragments.

Runes and shards are used to upgrade little monsters in Monster Domain.

Lords Mobile: Skill Stones in Mystic Spire

On the other hand, in the Mystic Needle we can also create skill stones. These stones are required to use the attack abilities of the little monsters, and you will need anima Y ancient or chaos cores to create one of them. The process of creating skill stones is very expensive, so you should think twice before making one!

In short, we recommend having two Mystic Needles in order to join a greater number of pacts at the same time. Also, it will allow you to create more skill stones at the same time, but that’s not that important or urgent.


Lords Mobile: Gym

The Gym is the place where you will train your little monsters to level up. To do this, it is necessary to assign a number of heroes to help the little monster in his training. The more heroes you have assigned, the longer the training will take. Although it is not mandatory to assign heroes, we recommend that you do so because you will get much more experience. In the picture you can see the difference clearly!

It is important to have at least two of these buildings to increase efficiency, for these reasons:

  • You can only train one monster per Gym;
  • Using all the heroes on a monster is less efficient than using half; Y
  • It is not necessary to go above level 20 with all the little monsters.

Try to be aware of the training, to start another as soon as one ends. Leveling is everything in this system!


Lords Mobile: Source

The last building that makes up the entire monster system is quite straightforward and simple. only takes care of generate anima, a resource needed to join pacts, craft skill stones, and complete research from the “Little Monsters” branch.

We recommend that you level up this building to the maximum possible and that you have two from them. This way you will generate souls quite quickly and you will have enough capacity to accumulate said resource. If at any time you run out of Anima and need it urgently, take a look at your Bag. Surely you will have a few packages of this resource.

Latest details and tips!

  • There are special little monsters like Frostwing or Queen Bee that you can unlock by completing different events. Pay attention to these events so you don’t miss out on these golden opportunities.
  • We advise you to complete the research “Pact 3” as soon as possible. It’s expensive, but it’s well worth it for the relatives what includes.
  • To make Pact Bonding and Monster Training less expensive or last less time, craft the right equipment in the Workshop. The Mystic Box is very useful for this system. In the long run, you will save time and resources!
  • The attack skills of the little monsters they can’t be stopped with a shield.
  • Spend some time upgrading your heroes. The more level and rank they have, the more experience they will give to the monsters in training.
  • Focus only on two or three little monsters and raise them to the maximum. Think about what you want to focus on: production? attack? monster hunting? Then you’ll have time to upload the rest.
  • However, don’t forget that it is useful to have all the relatives in the adult stage!
  • Finally, use the runes only to level up; nothing more. If the little monster is already in the elder stage, it is recommended to use the runes to raise skills or turn them into fragments.

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