Learn all about how to build well in Fortnite: Battle Royale!

In Fortnite: Battle Royale, a mode also known as Battle Royale, we have to learn to build well to win. It is necessary to be quick and strategic in the construction and, of course, to know how to accumulate the resources.

Learn with this guide to take advantage of everything in your favor to make the best builds from Fortnite and win every game.

collect materials

There are two ways to get the materials: from the items collected from eliminated players or from the environment itself. From time to time, when you open the chests that we can find all over the map, you will get some of these materials.

If you use a pickaxe to break objects, walls, rocks, etc, you need to do it as fast as possible. The noise you’ll make with your beak strikes will give away your position to enemies. It is best to always hit the blue Circle that appears on the object you want to destroy. The stronger the material, the more hits you’ll need to make it!

There are three types of building materials:


fortnite wood

This is the most common material, but also the least resistant. Use the wood only to build stairs and bridges when you want to explore. In addition, it is the one that leaves the most holes in the buildings, so you will be easier to detect by enemies. The biggest trees are the best to get a good amount of this resource.


fortnite stone

Stone is not as common as wood, but it is very more resistant. This material is great for emergencies and fortifying your builds if you don’t have metal available. Of course, keep in mind that it is not effective against explosives. The best way to get this resource is by destroying stone walls, fireplaces, and rocks.


metal fortnite

This is definitely the best material to protect you from damage. constructions made of metal stop rocket launcher attacks and they are the best for the end of the game. Obtain this resource from vehicles found in cities and towns. You will also find a lot of metal in industrial buildings, breaking their walls.

The ideal is always to have like 300 or 400 metal units to quickly repair damaged fortifications.

Life table by material and type of construction

Depending on the material you use, the walls and ramps will take more or less time to complete. In addition, they will also have different starting and ending amounts of health, not only because of the material but also because of the type of construction. Therefore, we show you a table that collects this data.

Type of construction initial life total life Time to complete construction
wooden wall 90 150 4 seconds
Wooden ramp/floor/pyramid 84 140 3.5 seconds
Stone wall 99 300 11.5 seconds
ramp/floor/pyramid stone 93 280 12 seconds
metal wall 110 500 24.5 seconds
metal ramp/floor/pyramid 101 460 22.5 seconds

As you can see from the table, the better the material, the longer the build will take to complete. Although during a fight it may not make a difference because of the constant gunfire, if you have a lull to build on, take advantage of it! Having metal fortifications will be much more valuable and secure.

basic construction

Buildings are an essential part of Fortnite: Battle Royale. If used intelligently, you can reach places that are initially inaccessible, thanks to stairs, bridges or ramps. Just be careful not to expose yourself too much to enemies when moving like this.

In addition to this, when you explore there is a good chance that you will find other players. In that situation, it is necessary to know how to build walls and ramps to position yourself better and defend yourself in combat situations.


fortnite walls

Let’s be clear: quickly building a wall can mean the difference between life and death. When a fight starts, select the wall in the construction menu and the material to use. That way, as soon as you hear a gunshot, you can build immediately the first defense.

In short, you must always be clever to place the wall and thus absorb all the possible bullets in an exchange of shots.


fortnite ramps

any player of Fortnite you have to know how to build ramps instantly. This will allow you to take better cover inside your buildings and gain a height advantage over the enemy. Always hide behind ramps to heal or reload, and stick out only to shoot.

In addition, the ramps are not only used for combat, but also to reach high places and open that shiny chest that has been waiting for you so long.

final fortifications

Fortnite: Final Fortifications

To finish well in a game, you need to learn how to build fortifications. The goal is to gain enough height to have a great view over the battlefield and see enemies from afar. The storm circle is constantly moving, so you won’t have much time before you have to move position. Therefore, the ideal is to build simple and effective structures.

1×1 tower

Fortnite Tower 1x1

This structure consists of four walls forming a square with a staircase/ramp in the center. This is the most basic tower and allows you to take a look at the area in front of the top of the stairs. Try to be careful, because if an enemy approaches you, it is wise to build a roof so as not to be assaulted from above.

Make sure the ramp is always facing the enemy. That way, he will have to break a wall and then a ramp to finally find you.

1×2 tower

Fortnite Tower 1x2

This tower also consists of four walls but in a rectangular shape and a ramp in the center. This will allow you a longer view of the entire area around you. This tower will give you better protection, but you will need more materials than in the case of 1×1, obviously. For that reason, you must manage resources well as the situation requires.

Another variant of the 1×2 Tower is to build the ramps in a V-shape, that is, towards the short walls and not long ones. This will allow you to go up and down the two ends of the rectangle, which is useful if you see enemies coming from different points.

Fortifications during combat

There are different types of fortification that you can make in the heat of battle. There are many ways to approach a fight with the build going for you, but it will take some practice to get used to. After all, in Fortnite Whoever is faster, smarter and more skillful wins!

YouTuber CareKidma made a very good explainer video, showing us how to make different useful fortifications to be victorious in combat. It’s well worth a look, so don’t wait any longer and hit the play!

Activate turbo and automatic change of materials

If you want to succeed in the construction of Fortnite, the first thing you should do is review the options in the game. Specifically, go to the options menu, “Game” section, “Control Options” section.

Fortnite: options under construction

Two of the most important options to make your builds go more smoothly are the following: Turbo build and Automatic material change.

On the one hand, activate turbo construction will allow you to continue building as long as you hold down the corresponding button. This will speed up the process of creating fortifications, walls, and ramps to scout, defend, or ambush.

On the other hand, the Automatic material change It serves to not worry about having to change from stone to wood in case you run out of the first. You can continue building without having to alternate materials.

Depending on the resources you have, the skill and the time available, you will be able to build huge towers and even interconnect between them. Take advantage of details such as doors and windows, place traps and others. Your imagination is the limit!

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