Know the details of the 25th season of Free Fire

The 25th season of free fire has arrived! These seasons last between 30 and 70 days, and allow players to compete in Ranked matches or ranked to win numerous rewards. You will be able to move up or down the league based on your performance and the score obtained at the end of the game.

  • start of season: December 31, 2022.
  • End of season: February 18, 2022.

As with every season, we earn prizes in the form of cosmetics, supplies, shards, and coins to use in the in-game store. In other words, our ability will not only serve to rank up, but also to unlock content.

Get to know our guide and discover the prizes you will get for reaching each rank, as well as knowing which rank you will start the new season with.

Table of points and rewards for Ranked

Rank Points Rewards for arriving end of season rewards
Bronze I 1000


1000 coins
Bronze II 1100 1 Airdrop, 1 Scanner, 5 Tokens 1000 coins
Bronze III 1200 1 Campfire, 1 Treasure Map, 10 Tokens 1000 coins
Silver I 1300 Silver Pool, 2 Airdrops, 20 Tokens 1500 coins
Silver II 1400 1 Airdrop, 2 Treasure Maps, 30 Tokens 1500 coins
Silver III 1500

1 Campfire, 2 Scanners, 40 Tokens

1500 coins
Gold I 1600 Gold Fund, Miguel Skin for AUG, 50 Tokens 2000 coins
Gold II 1725

1 Card 50% to increase XP (3 days), 1 Royale Gold Ticket, 70 Tokens

2000 coins
Gold III 1850

2 Bonfires, 2 Airdrops, 90 Tokens

2000 coins
Gold IV 1975

2 Airdrops, 2 Treasure Maps, 110 Tokens

2000 coins
Platinum I 2100

Platinum Fund, 1 Card 50% XP boost (3 days), 150 Tokens

2500 coins
Platinum II 2225

1 Bonfire, 2 Gold Royale Tickets, 200 Tokens

2500 coins
Platinum III 2350 3 Scanners, 2 Airdrops, 250 Tokens 2500 coins
Platinum IV 2475

3 Gold Royale Tickets, 3 Treasure Maps, 300 Tokens

2500 coins
Diamond I 2600

Diamond Pool, 1 Card 50% Gold Upload (3 days), 350 Tokens

3000 coins
Diamond II 2750 3 Campfires, 2 Shard Boxes, 425 Tokens 3000 coins
Diamond III 2900 3 Treasure Maps, 3 Shard Boxes, 525 Tokens 3000 coins
Diamond IV 3050

3 Airdrops, 3 Gold Royale Tickets, 625 tokens

3000 coins
Heroic 3200

Heroic Fund, Heroic T-Shirt, 750 Tokens

5000 coins, Heroic Icon
Teacher Master Background, Master Icon, 200 Universal Shards 7000 coins, 875 tokens
Grand Master I top 1000 You keep your ranking Grandmaster Icon, Grandmaster Background I
Grand Master II Top 500 You keep your ranking Grandmaster Icon, Grandmaster Background II
Grand Master III Top 200 You keep your ranking Grandmaster Icon, Grandmaster Background III
Grand Master IV Top 50 You keep your ranking Grandmaster Icon, Grandmaster Background IV

25th Season Exclusive Reward for reaching Gold 1: Miguel’s exclusive skin for AUG.

If you want to know more details about the ranks, learn about the new leagues and rewards of the qualifiers of free fire.

Season Start Rank

Whenever a new season starts, each player will be placed in a lower rank and lose a few points. The higher you have risen, the more leagues you will drop at the start of the season.

  • If you finished at Bronze I to III, you will start the new season at Bronze I rank with 1000 points.
  • If you finished at Silver I to III, you will start the new season at Bronze II rank with 1175 points.
  • If you finished at Gold I to IV, you will start the new season at Silver I rank with 1350 points.
  • If you finished Platinum I to IV, you will start the new season at Silver II rank with 1500 points.
  • If you finished at Diamond I to IV, you will start the new season at Gold I rank with 1650 points.
  • If you finished on Heroic, you will start the new season at Gold II rank with 1750 points.
  • If you finished Grand Master, you keep your ranking.

How to rank up fast

To quickly rank up, it’s important to maintain a good level of gameplay. In addition to that, it is essential to meet the following objectives:

  • Eliminate enemy players.
  • Revive teammates.
  • Cause damage to opponents, vehicles, or barrels.
  • Get a good ranking in each match.
  • Survive as long as possible.
  • Complete daily missions.

Ideally, try to strike a balance between eliminations and good position. If you eliminate 10 players but get downed early in the match, you will probably end up with less points than someone who eliminated 3 enemies and finished in the TOP 5. For that reason, try to reach high positions!

Advanced tips to be a Heroic in free fire.

What is the Fire Pass?

Free Fire - Fire Pass in the menu

In each season there is a game pass, officially called Fire Pass. You can choose between keeping the free variant, the Free Pass, or the paid version, Elite Pass. As you play games, you will be able to unlock quite a few different content such as skins weapons or character fragments, coins, etc.

To obtain these items, you must complete challenges and missions from each season to earn medals. Then enter the Fire Pass menu and click on the items to unlock them. In general, you will get new prizes every 5 medals.
Free Fire - Fire Pass Rewards

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