Interview with Gravesen, champion of Spain in FIFA 17

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Here we leave the interview with Gravesen, champion of Spain in FIFA 17 in the Pro Series of the Official PlayStation League. Interesting tips and keys

Gravesen, champion of Spain in FIFA 17

In December there were PlayStation Official League Pro Series Finals. Javier Álvarez (Gravesen) of Giants beat David Soriano of Valencia eSports in the final 4-0 (3-0 + 1-0) on aggregate. The Spaniard won the biggest prize ever awarded in an online football competition, €5,000.

In the end Gravesen played with him Man Utd. While David Soriano used to Bayern Munich. And despite the size of the scoreboard, it should be noted that there was a penalty that should not have been awarded in favor of Gravesen, which could have greatly influenced the final result.

Xataka eSports interviewed the current Spanish champion, who released a series of tips that are worth reflecting on:

Why did you choose Manchester United? It’s the best team?

(Interview with Gravesen) «This is the team I like the most. I think that to find the best team you have to find the team that you like the most.” Gravesen explains that It depends on the tastes of the player and what he requires. “There are players who are very skilled with certain players like Cristiano, and it benefits them to go with Real Madrid. Then there are other players who require a lot of physicality in defence, and they benefit from teams like Bayern.»

«For example, I like Manchester a lot because the two forwards what’s wrong with it, Martial and Ibra, they are very physical. When you go down the wing, protecting the ball with L2, it is very difficult for them to take it away from you because they are very strong. What’s more, De Gea is a barbarity, a brutal defense, a very good midfield, and it is a very balanced team even if it does not have stars.»

He also had words for Bayern Munich from David Soriano, who highlighted his physical defense.

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How do you prepare for a FIFA 17 tournament?

Gravesen explained how he approached this last tournament, especially after having suffered some loss in previous tournaments. Leaving a couple of tips for the rest of the players:

I do not hesitate for a moment to give his first advice on how to prepare a tournament: «Sleep 8 hours yes or yes, because it is something that affects performance.” In some previous tournaments in which it did not go well, he felt tired at certain times and he considers that it could have affected his performance.

And as a second piece of advice, he states that when preparing for a tournament, try play against the best. He tells how in the preparatory phase he faced the Portuguese champion, the German champion, one of the best English players, etc. It is something that helps since «You already know how to manage each moment because you have already played against the best».

Video: Interview with Gravesen, FIFA 17 Spanish Champion

Here we leave the interview with Gravesen conducted by Xataka eSports. Just after proclaiming himself champion of Spain in the finals of the Pro Series of the Official PlayStation League: