How to get Scizor in Pokémon Sun and Moon?

Last Updated on January 23, 2022 by Miguel S

Below we explain all the steps, metallic coating included, so you can get Scizor in Pokémon Sun and Moon

To get Scizor we will have to first get Scyther, then get the Metallic Coating and finally exchange it with the equipped item. We explain each step below:

Capture Scyther

Here we leave you the QR of Scyther so that you can easily locate it:

QR Scythe

Get Metallic Coating

The metallic skin is an evolution item that is needed to evolve certain Pokémon, such as Onix into Steelix and Scyther into Scizor. But at the moment Onix is ​​not in Alola, so we will focus on Scyther to get Scizor.

The metallic coating can be obtained by capturing Magnemite, and one of the places where it appears the most is in the Melemele trainers’ school. Although they do not always carry it and it would be advisable to go a little equipped to facilitate the task.

If we carry a Pokémon with the search ability, we will know when the Magnemite has a Metallic Coating. From there we can facilitate the task with Thief, staying directly with his object, or directly capturing Magnemite. Exeggutor for example has the innate frisk ability and is easy to find on Exeggutor Island.

And finally, arm yourself with patience because the chance of a Magnemite with Metallic Cladding appearing is around 5%. They usually take between 10 and 20 minutes to get it.

We trade Scyther

We have to trade Scyther, but equipped with the Metallic Plating.

By doing the exchange, we will lose the item, since it is a single use, but it will evolve to Scyther in Scizor.

Video: Get Scizor in Pokémon Sun and Moon

Here we leave the ESPALTeam video. In it you will be able to see step by step how to get Scizor from Scyther and the metallic coating.

We hope that this guide has served you and that you have been able to get Scizor with ease.