How to earn medals in Battlefield 1?

Last Updated on January 26, 2022 by Miguel S

How to earn medals in Battlefield 1? The game will be released on October 21, but we are already beginning to know the news that we will find.

One of the novelties that Battlefield presents is the system of getting medals. In previous installments of the saga, it was very easy, and you didn’t know if whoever had a medal was for skill or for a wild accumulation of hours of play. Now there will be those who spend sleepless nights to get them, but dexterity matters more.

If we are already eager to enter World War I, between tanks and machine guns, with news like the new medal system in Battlefield 1 we can only count the days until October 21 finally arrives.

How medals work in Battlefield 1

The great novelty of the medals in Battlefield 1 is that we will have a deadline to get the medals one week. If in that week we do not manage to overcome the challenge, even if we are close, our achievements will be reset and we will start again from scratch.

Plus we must choose the medal we want to get. We will no longer get medals that we did not even know existed. We will have to decide on one, go for it, and hurry, because we will only have 7 days to get it.

That is, if to get one we have to make 20 eliminations, and at the end of the week we have 19, start over.

Now we will go into detail, but you will agree that medals are revalued in Battlefield 1. Winning them will be more complicated, it will take longer to get them, and not everyone will achieve it.

weekly medals

The Battlefield base game will have 34 medals. Presumably, the additional packages that will come out will increase the figure.

Every week 5 medals will come out to follow. And during the week we will first have to follow one and try to get it. If we succeed we can go for another, and for another (one by one) until completing all five. If we fail, nothing will be saved, and if we succeed, the level or requirement that we have passed for that medal will be saved and we can go for the next one the next time it comes out.

So simply dividing 34 base medals by 5 a week comes out to 7 weeks. And if we take into account the levels, we are going to almost 6 months to be able to complete all the medals even if we win all 5 every week. Of course with something like Battlefield manages to extend the life of the game. But it also gives more to the medals, since in almost all the games they are achieved unintentionally.

Medal Tiers

The medals in Battlefield 1 They will have between 3 and 5 levels. Levels 4 and 5 will be quite difficult to achieve, and if we add to that that we do not accumulate merits, not everyone will be able to achieve them.

For example the doctor’s medal (Order of Hippocrates), going to one of the easy ones. His First Level is 20 eliminations with medic weapons; his second level is 100 heals from teammates; and his third level is 20 revives. They do not seem very complicated requirements, but they will probably force us to do a medical intensive for three weeks.

Of course what DICE raises makes sense. Medals in Battlefield 1 or achievements in any game have to be hard to earn to be considered achievements.

Video Tutorial Medals in Battlefield 1

We leave you a video tutorial in which they give us tips to get medals in Battlefield 1.