How to donate Robux in Roblox to your friends with these 4 ways

There are several ways to give Robux to your Roblox friends. It is a much loved virtual currency, because with it you can buy incredible clothes, subscribe to the Premium version or purchase passes in your favorite games. In this article we show you 4 ways to donate Robux to others, and we explain each one in detail.

1. Send gift cards

Gift cards are a convenient way to give money to your friends. These cards allow you to increase the account credit in Roblox quickly and safely. With that you will have funds to exchange for Robux or Premium subscriptions.

There are two ways to buy gift cards for your friends:

  • From the official Roblox page. These cards are used to redeem credits, which you can use to buy Robux.

    • Select any gift card.
    • When clicking “Buy gift card”, write your name or nickname and that of your friend.
    • Choose the corresponding currency and decide if you want to send a virtual (recommended) or physical card.
    • Select the card design (digital only) and the amount of money.
    • Write a message (optional).
    • Enter the email address (digital card) or the shipping address (physical card). Make sure the data is correct!
  • From Amazon. These cards are used to redeem Robux directly.
    • Select one of the gift cards.
    • Add the card to the shopping cart and proceed to purchase it.
    • After some time (it can take hours), you will receive the code in your email and in the Amazon digital order list.
    • Send this same code to your friend!

The final step for your friend to receive the credit or Robux is to redeem the gift cards on the Roblox page.

2. Donate Robux to members of your group

Roblox groups are the ideal way to create a community and meet up to play together. What’s more, you can even give Robux to other players! To do this, there are several details to keep in mind:

  • To donate Robux, you must be group admin.
  • As an extra fact, creating a group makes you an administrator of it, but it costs 100 Robux.
  • You can only donate Robux to members within the group. Invite your friends if they are not part of it yet.
  • It is necessary that the group has funds, that is, Robux to donate.
  • To generate funds in a group, you have to create and sell accessories, clothes, etc, within the group. That is, the same members of the group must buy these items to accumulate funds.

Once the group has enough funds to donate Robux to members, you must go to the group administration menu. Inside it, go to the “Payouts” section and write the nickname of the person you want to donate Robux to. Then you just have to indicate the amount, confirm the payment, and your friend will have received the Robux!

3. Get game passes created by friends

Passes are a feature used to grant abilities, special access, benefits, or exclusive content in Roblox games. Anyone who has created a game or experience can make and sell a paid pass. In other words, you can give Robux to your friends by buying paid passes in their games.

One way to create a pass is to go to the “Passes” section of “My creations” on the Create page:

On this page you can see the “Create a Pass” section. Under “Target Experience”, one has to select the game or experience for which they want to create a paid pass. You will need to an image that identifies the pass, indicate a name Y A description. Finally, click “Verify Upload”.

Then, the pass will appear in another section just below, called “Passes”. Click on the gear icon and click on “Configure”.

Put a price on the pass in Roblox

You will end up on a page where you can configure the pass. Specifically, if you go to the “Sales” section, you can put the object up for sale and indicate the desired price. The website tells you that the creator will take the 70% of the price of the pass.

For example, if your friend creates a pass that is worth 150 Robux, you will pay that amount, but he or she will get 105 Robux.

4. Buy items created by your friends

In Roblox you can create items and then put them up for sale. These items can be accessories and clothes of different types, just like the ones you buy in the avatar shop. They are great items to customize and sport a unique look in Roblox games.

This is precisely one of the easiest ways to give money to your friends: buying the items that they themselves have created. Encourage your friends to make new accessories and clothes and tell them to put them up for sale on Roblox. That done, you just have to look for these pieces in the avatar shop and purchase them for your account. Your friends will take the 70% of the price!

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