How to change your name in Free Fire with 3 steps

In free fire, when we make a new account, we create a name as we please. But we will not deny that sometimes we want to change it! For this reason, we have made an article in which we tell you how to change your name in free fire in just three steps. We also provide you with links to our nickname generators to help you in the task of creating a new name in the game. Find out now!

Step 1: enter your profile

We start with a simple step. If you are in the main menu, at the top left you can see your current name, along with the icon, background, accumulated medals and rank. Click on it and it will take you to your profile page. There the statistics of your game are collected and you can also see your ID number or the latest achievements, among other details.

Your profile can also be accessed from other menus, such as the in-game store, character customization, or within Luck Royale. You have no loss!

Step 2: hit change nickname

Within your profile page, at the top left, a icon with a pencil and notebook:

Just click on the icon and then a window will appear to change your name. It will notify you of your current nickname and, just below it, you will see a slot to enter the new nickname. You are now ready to make the change! Keep in mind, however, that the limit of characters that a name can have in free fire It is 12 characters.

And what about special symbols and letters? They can be put in free fire! You can create a name with the seven below “ㄥ”, the money symbols “$” and “€”, as well as others such as “%”. Do not put a stop to your imagination and put the nickname you want, always respecting the character limits.

Step 3: Pay to complete the change

Bad news! As much as we look for how to change our name in free fire without paying diamonds, totally free, that’s more a wish than a reality. Unfortunately, we inform you that the only way to change the name in free fire is spend 390 diamonds and, for this, you have to pay real money.

It is true that with Fire Pass or Diamond Royale you can get discounts but believe us: this way you will end up spending more money unnecessarily. Therefore, there are only two ways to have a different nickname in free fire:

  1. Pay with diamonds in your current account.
  2. Create a new account, in order to create a new name in free fire without paying diamonds.

That is why, before creating a new account, you must be very sure of the nickname you choose! If you don’t plan to spend money, you will keep that name forever.

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Create or choose a unique name in Free Fire

At the time of creating or changing a name in free fire, sometimes we get the error “this nickname is not available”. If this warning appears, you just have to choose another name. Remember that there are millions of players in free fire, so it is obvious that many people have the same ideas.

Free Fire choose name / nickname

Always use common sense when choosing your name. Imagine that you are playing in a squad or with other people you know in the game, but you have a nickname that is difficult to say out loud. Do not go overboard or you will complicate communication!

Our recommendations are as follows:

  1. Pick a nickname that has meaning to you.
  2. Do not use swear words and any type of profanity expressions, be in the language that they are.
  3. Create an unforgettable name, especially if you are going to make streaming or videos on YouTube.
  4. Remember: you can use symbols like ㄥ, $, % and many more. experiment!
  5. Take advantage of all your imagination!

If you feel stuck or can’t come up with any ideas, no problem! Feel free to use our generators and ideas in the following articles:

Now you know what are the steps to follow to create or change a unique name in free fire, which is also unforgettable and catchy. Now all you have to do is go out on the battlefield, win games and let everyone know who you are. Good luck and may the Booyah be with you!

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