How to calculate your MMR in LoL (League of Legends)

The MMR (Match Making Rating) is a hidden number in League of Legends that indicates your true rank. There are ways to calculate this value using algorithms and estimates, but they are just that, estimates. True values ​​only Riot knows. Fortunately, we can know what our MMR is approximately and with good precision. Find out how!

Calculate MMR with the What Is My MMR page

What Is My MMR, created by Josh, is a web page where you can see your approximate MMR, as well as other equally useful information. This page tells you the MMR value along with its range of values. Remember that this is an estimate, not the actual MMR.

To understand how the page works, let’s take the example of Bwipo, a Fnatic player for the LEC European league. We will accompany the explanation with some images.

Approximate FNC Bwipo MMR (Source: What Is My MMR)

After entering the name of the League of Legends account and selecting the region, the web page shows the MMR for three different game modes. On one side is the Ranked Solo, that is, the mode of solo qualifier. It is the value that most interests League of Legends players. In the case of Bwipo it is between 3322 and 3470. It is quite high; Belongs to the Top 13% of players in Challenger!

On the other hand, you can see the MMR of the normal games. As Bwipo does not play normal games, the result is “N/A”. Finally, What Is My MMR tells you the MMR for the ARAM items. If you prefer to play ARAM in League of Legends, this is an interesting fact to know what level you are at, since the ranks are non-existent in this mode.

Graphs of interest in What Is My MMR

After showing the approximate MMR, What Is My MMR shares some interesting graphs. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Ranked MMR Progress - League of Legends
MMR Trend and Progress in Ranked Matches (Source: What Is My MMR)

First you will see the graph Ranked Progress. It informs you about the evolution and trend that your MMR has recently had. The performance of your games directly affects this data. If you play many games, the range of values ​​between the maximum and minimum MMR will be smaller and the trend will be displayed more accurately.

MMR distribution in League of Legends for all divisions
Distribution of all players based on approximate MMR (Source: What Is My MMR)

Secondly, Ranked Distribution tells you where you stand in relation to all League of Legends players. Bwipo, being a very good professional player, has a much higher MMR than most players. In fact, it belongs to the top 0.01%!

Almost all players are between the Silver and Gold ranks. If you have an MMR between 1000 and 1800, it is very likely that the MMR considers you as a player in these leagues.

Player MMR distribution by nearby divisions
Distribution of players by leagues close to FNC Bwipo (Source: What Is My MMR)

The last graph we want to talk about is Ranked Placement. This graph indicates the approximate average MMR in each league near you. In the image above we can see that the average MMR for Challenger is 3240, while the average for Grandmaster is 3065. So for each division!

The rest of the graphs show information similar to those already mentioned above, but for normal games and ARAM.

View your total LP with the LoL League Points Tracker page

The LPs (League Points), known as league points, are a visible number that you can see as you play ranked in League of Legends. This value helps you know how close you are to moving on to the next division or rank. There is little mystery with this value, but we want to share a web page that may interest you.

League Points Tracker helps you know how many LP you have accumulated in the current season. To view it, simply select the region and type in your League of Legends account name. Below you can see two other sections that we will comment on right now.

Daily LP Gains and Losses - League of Legends (League Points Tracker)
Information on daily LP gains and losses (Source: League Points Tracker)

First of all, you will see both the LP gains or losses per match and the accumulated per day. This second fact may be curious. It helps us to better see how we have progressed over the past few days and to know when we have been most successful.

History of LP evolution in League of Legends
History of the evolution of the league points of the FNC Bwipo account (Source: League Points Tracker)

Finally, the graph shown at the bottom of the page shares the history of LP gains and losses. The time it covers occupies almost two years. That is enough to compare your evolution in the past season with the current one. This way you will know if you are improving compared to last year!

Important details about the MMR

  • To get the approximate MMR for a game mode, you must have played several recent solo matches. Group games or premade they are not valid.
  • The more games you play, the higher the accuracy of the calculation on the What Is My MMR page.
  • If you gain a lot of LP for a win and lose a few for a loss, it means that your MMR is higher than the rank you are at now. For example, you are Gold III and gain +30 LP per win. It is very safe that your MMR is in Platinum.
  • If you gain few LP for a win and lose a lot for a loss, it means your MMR is better than the rank you are at now. For example, you are on Gold III and only earn +8 LP per win. The system may consider you Silver I!
  • Win/Loss streaks affect your MMR the most.
  • Player matchmaking happens based on MMR, not divisions or leagues. That’s why you sometimes play with and against players two, three or even more divisions apart.
  • OP.GG is an excellent page to see information about your games and your performance in them. In addition, you can easily access the information of the best players on each server.

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