Hobby Cooking Tutorial in Final Fantasy 15

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The cooking hobby in Final Fantasy 15 will bring us extensive benefits that will help us in combat, defense, magic, resistance, etc.

Like the rest of the hobbies, cooking in Final Fantasy 15 has a direct impact on the evolution and gameplay of the characters. In fact, it is one of the hobbies that we must take care of the most since its importance is very high.

Ignis will be the cook of the group, and he will show us his skills and his progressive improvements when we decide to camp. Since resting well is necessary, but also eating.

Why cook in Final Fantasy 15?

The food that Ignis cooks will bring benefits direct storms on group members. Depending on the food, it will improve our vitality, immunities, experience, or even our combat skills (attack and defense).

We will need to increase our kitchen level, since this way we can access more ingredients, and the benefits for the characters will be greater. But we will also need to get recipes, for the same reason. So we are going to explain below how to get the most out of the cooking hobby.

How to get cooking recipes?

In general, they are achieved naturally during the course of the video game. But if we want to force it a bit, here are the most suitable places:

  • Restaurants: Every time we pay for a dish in a restaurant, in addition to obtaining the benefits of the recipe and its ingredients, Ignis will have learned to cook it automatically.
  • Stores: In many video game stores we can buy both new recipes and their ingredients.
  • fishing spots: Some fish also give us new recipes when we catch them. Here we leave you a link to the fishing tutorial in FF 15, another of the game’s hobbies.
  • Plants: We can ask at restaurants and they will give us plant locations for us to collect.
  • fighting: Among the many objects that we can get by killing an enemy, are the recipes.
  • side quests: In various side quests we get new recipes as a reward
  • hunting raids: Exactly the same as the side quests.

Although there are also secret recipes hidden. As soon as we have located all of them, we will put them in a video.

How to level up in cooking?

All we have to do is cook whenever we can. Whenever we stop at a camp to rest we will have the opportunity to do so.

Any recipe that consumes ingredients, except instant noodles, will give us experience. Regardless of the foods on the plate or whether we have already repeated the recipe.

What are the cooking levels?

In total there are 10 levels, as in the fishing hobby, and in each one we learn a new recipe:

  • 1st level: we learn the recipe croque-madame
  • 2nd level: we learn the recipe ifrit sticks
  • 3rd level: we learn the recipe steamed fish
  • 4th level: we learn the recipe escalope a la luciense
  • 5th level: we learn the recipe poultry and mushroom velouté
  • 6th level: we learn the recipe Grandma’s biscuit
  • 7th level: we learn the recipe stew with avios
  • 8th level: we learn the recipe latte risotto
  • 9th level: we learn the recipe homemade lasagna
  • 10th level: we learn the recipe consomme Lucis

Obviously we are interested in reaching level 10 as soon as possible to be able to cook the dish we want.

In addition we will get two trophies made of bronze, and two boiled eggs Y I will never go hungry again, for improving Ignis’s cooking level and for reaching the maximum level respectively.

Here’s a link to all the FF 15 trophies, if you’re interested.

Skills related to cooking in Final Fantasy 15

They are skills that, although they have a cost in SP, increase the benefits of cooking in FF 15:

  • (18 SP) Digestion: The effects of the food last until dawn the next day
  • (99 PH) Slow digestion:The effects of the food last until sunset the next day
  • (333 AP) Slow Digestion +:The effects of the food last until dawn of the next day
  • (20 SP) Appetite: We gain 1 SP every time we cook a party member’s favorite dish

They are certainly highly recommended skills.

Food and its properties

So that we can get an idea of ​​what we can get depending on the food. And with prolonged effect if we combine it with skills:

  • Consommé Lucis: The recipe that we acquire when we reach level 10. It grants us that all attacks are critical and that our vitality recovers to 150%
  • Salmon special Kenny: One of the most expensive, costs 7,200 gil in Old Lestallum. This recipe gives us +400 offensive ability, +300 magic and +300 defensive ability.
  • Maaghistral Lasagna: Even more expensive, it costs 8,000 gil in Altissia. We gain +4,000 maximum vitality, +100% experience gain, and immunity to cold, lightning, and fire.
  • Instant noodles: They are one of the most basic ingredients, we can buy them in Lestallum. They give us +80 in offensive capacity, +500 in maximum vitality and +20% in gaining experience.
  • longwythe special: It’s a dish that Ignis cooks directly. It gives us + 400 of maximum vitality and + 50% in obtaining experience.

It is clear that they significantly improve the characters and that they are worth it. So we only have to start cooking in Final Fantasy 15 whenever we can and try to level up fast. Since it is a plus that cannot be renounced.

By completing Takka’s quests in FF15, we will get many ingredients that we need.

Video: Cooking in FF 15

Here is a video to give you an idea of ​​how to cook in Final Fantasy 15

We hope that this guide to cooking in Final Fantasy 15 has been useful to you.