Heroes: Widowmaker in Overwatch, the sniper

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Widowmaker in Overwatch is a hero equipped with a sniper rifle. Which can also reveal enemy positions.

Widowmaker is the sniper hero of the game, she can also fight in close range, but with her “Widow’s Kiss” she is lethal from afar.

He is a defensive hero, we must take a position and use our abilities (hook and poisonous mines) so that they do not surprise us.

Who is Widowmaker in Overwatch?

Amélie Lacroix (Widowmaker) She was Gerard Lacroix’s wife., a member of Overwatch who led the operations against the «Talon» terrorists.

Her husband was in the crosshairs of the terrorist organization, which ended up desisting from its attempts to liquidate him and ended up focusing on his innocent wife, whom they ended up kidnapping.

For a few weeks kidnapped they managed to turn her to his cause and put it at your service. They let Overwatch find her and rejoin her life as normal with her husband.

But Amélie (Widowmaker) fulfilled her first mission and killed her husband While sleeping. And Widowmaker returned to Talon, with whom she continued to fulfill missions and perfecting his killing techniques. To the point that his physiology changed, as his heart managed to slow down and his skin ended up turning cold and bluish.

The emotions disappeared from her life, and currently there is only one thing that can satisfy her, a job well done.

Widowmaker Facts

  • Name and age: Amélie Lacroix (Widowmaker), 33 years old
  • Profession: Assassin
  • Where are you from?: Annecy (France)
  • Affiliation: Heel
  • Role: Defensive
  • Weapons: Widow’s Kiss (sniper rifle)
  • Playstyle: His role is defensive, but he can take out enemies from a long distance.

Widowmaker abilities in Overwatch

  • Hook: Widowmaker’s uppercut allows her to get into high positions, from which she is much more deadly using her long range shot.
  • poisonous mine: They are mines that react when an opponent passes near them, releasing a powerful poisonous gas.
  • Infravision (Elite): It is an Elite ability that activates a device in the case of Widowmaker and allows us to see the position of all the players on the screen, both our teammates and those of the rival team.

Widowmaker Keys in Overwatch

With the “widow’s kiss«, his rifle, Widowmaker can engage in combat both from long distance as close. Since it has two modes, burst and shot by shot.

When we put the “Widow’s Kiss” in machine gun mode, releasing bursts, bullets lose power and there really are much more destructive heroes all things being equal. Therefore, although it is a resource, it is not recommended to use it too much.

But when we put it on sniper mode and we give the zoom, the shooting power is loaded, and when it is at its maximum, it is absolutely lethal. So it is the shooting mode that must be squeezed. It causes more damage the more time passes between shots, so you have to find quiet positions.

Although to be able to use the sniper mode and shoot calmly by setting the zoom, you have to make sure they don’t attack us from behind, and for that we have two resources. The hook, with which we will reach places where it will be difficult for them to surprise us, and the poison mine, so that those who manage to reach our position, die with honey on their lips.

On the other hand, the ability to infravision It is very useful for team play. As a good sniper, informing the team of enemy positions is priceless.

Video of Widowmaker in Overwatch

Learn a little more about Widowmaker through this video that shows her main abilities. For those who think that Widowmaker is somewhat limited with her sniper, they will quickly change their mind.

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