Heroes: Sombra in Overwatch, stealth hacker

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Sombra in Overwatch is an offensive hacker who uses her computer skills to dismantle enemy positions and infiltrate each other

Sombra is the new strike hero joining Overwatch. It has a very high offensive capacity, but its weapons do not deal high damage. His strength lies in his infliction abilities that allow him to cripple his enemies’ abilities, defenses, attacks, and heals. To do this, he uses his stealthy mobility through teleportation, invisibility and hacking.

Everything indicates that he will be very influential in the game since his arrival. Having a hero that sneaks between your defenses and disarms them is going to be the least to worry about and be very vigilant.

who is shadow in Overwatch?

shadow remained very little orphan, when she was still a child her family was one of the many that suffered the consequences of the Omnic Crisis.

With his country, Mexico, on the brink of chaos and destruction sand took refuge from a very young age on computers and computer science. First as a way of escape and later as a way of survival.

The band the dead first he adopted her, but seeing her hacker skills he ended up incorporating her into his ranks. So he played a very active role in the revolution against the Mexican government that occurred in his country led by Los Muertos. Those who thought that the rich and powerful were abusing the less well-off in reconstruction.

Between exploit and exploit it was discovered and hid for a while. But during his public absence he dedicated himself to improving his techniques and when he returned his knowledge was far superior. So he began to make larger attacks and drew the attention of the talon organization, who instantly recruited her.

With Talon he has done his most reputable cyberattacks, compromising the Russian and Mexican governments among others

Data of Shade

  • Name and age: unknown name, 30 years old
  • Profession: Hacker
  • Where are you from?: Dorado (Mexico)
  • Affiliation: Talón, previously worked for the gang Los Muertos.
  • Role: Attack
  • Weapon: Automatic submachine gun
  • Playstyle: Sobra is an attack hero, whose gameplay is based on stealth and mobility that allow him his abilities to teleport and be invisible.

Shadow abilities in Overwatch

  • submachine gun: It is an automatic rifle that fires rapid bursts and medium range. It has 60 bullets, so long bursts can be used. It doesn’t look like anything out of this world though.
  • hacking: With this ability you can disable the abilities of your enemies, both attack and defense (turrets for example) and equipment (healing for example).
  • Thermo-optical camouflage: Shadow becomes invisible for a few moments and his speed is increased. Although if during this period he attacks or suffers any kind of damage, his camouflage disappears.
  • translocation beacon: This is a beacon that allows you to teleport. As long as it remains active, you can continue to use it, and it lasts about 15 seconds.
  • PEM: This is an area hack that undoes any shield or protection from your rivals and at the same time hacks all enemies, rendering their attack and team abilities useless.
  • Opportunist (Elite): With this ability Shadow can locate any enemy on the map, even if there are walls in between, if his health is below 50%.

As you can see, except for the submachine gun, which is his main weapon, all the skills are geared towards infiltration. Teleportation, hacking, and invisibility make it very clear what Sombra’s role will be in Overwatch. To know the best combos, you will have to play with it a bit. But one combination of camouflage or beacon + EMP you can anticipate that it will wreak havoc on enemy positions. Perhaps you end up missing some ability that directly does damage. Since he almost seems more like an “anti support” hero than an attack hero.

keys of Shade in Overwatch

Sombra is an attack hero, although really looking at his abilities there are none aimed at causing high damage. Beyond that the Submachine gun seems to be correct to enter combat and take an enemy ahead.

Sombra’s strong point is infiltration. He can sneak into the middle of or behind enemy lines, and from that position disable all of the opposing team’s abilities.

Once Sombra has used his abilities, he will be opening the doors of some unarmed enemy positions to their peers. Or she herself, without excessive effort, can dedicate herself to liquidating them.

Nullify attack, defensive and healing abilities of our rival amounts to the same thing as disarming our rivals. And it may not have a grenade to deal a lot of damage to several of them at once, but possibly all the enemies end up taking much more damage if they don’t have to defend themselves.

Using a good mix of teleport beacon, invisibility or camouflage and hack, there will be no enemy line that will resist us.

From now on with Sombra at stake, we will have to be very aware of our backs and react very quickly when it appears to try to liquidate it even if it is in melee. Since otherwise our entire defensive strategy can come down.

It will take some time to compare the gameplay and gauge the influence on team play. But of course this new Overwatch heroine promises a lot. As we mentioned, due to the lack of direct damage, he almost seems more like an “anti-support” hero than an attack hero. So without further ado we can only wait to test Sombra in Overwatch directly to draw our final conclusions.

Video of Sombra in Overwatch

We still can’t see much of a shadow in Overwatch as it’s an absolute novelty. But we leave you this video presentation of the new attack heroine of the video game.

As soon as there’s a video of Sombra’s gameplay in Overwatch, we’ll upload it right away. Because it promises a lot.

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