Heroes: Hanzo in Overwatch, assassin sniper

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Hanzo in Overwatch is a defensive sniper equipped with a powerful bow with extensive attack and team skills.

Although he uses arrows, Hanzo is a defensive sniper very useful when you manage to take a elevated position. And not only because of his accuracy and damage output, he can also reveal enemy positions to the rest of the team.

Whom Hanzō in Overwatch?

Hanzo is Genji’s brother, and a former member of the Shimada clan. From a young age he dedicated himself body and soul to becoming the best warrior, and exceptional development skills in archery, fencing, martial arts, and strategy.

Gradually he became integrated into the Shimada clan leadership, a criminal organization dedicated to trafficking weapons and drugs.

His father was the leader of the clan, and when he died he had to take over. wanted to lean on Genji, his brother, but given his refusal, he was forced to kill him.

The fraticide did not go unpunished, since Hanzo could not live with that burden on his back and ended up leaving the Shimada clan.

Since then Hanzo seeks peace within himself wandering the world trying to recover the lost honor.

Data of Hanzō

  • Name and age: Hanzo Shimada, 38 years old
  • Profession: Assassin
  • Where is he from?: Hanamura (Japan)
  • Affiliation: Shimada clan
  • Role: Defense
  • Armament: Storm Bow
  • Playstyle: Hanzo has a defensive role. Its ability to access elevated positions, good mobility and considerable damage output make it a versatile sniper with great utility.

skills of Hanzō in Overwatch

  • storm bow: It is his main weapon, it is quite powerful and has a long range, but it takes a while to reload.
  • sonic arrow: They are arrows with sonar tracking devices. So when shooting them they will mark the enemies in a relatively wide radius, which will help us to aim and our team to know the rival’s positions.
  • scatter arrow: In this case the arrow is divided, and each fragment bounces off the walls, so we can cause damage to several enemies with one shot, even if we don’t see them directly.
  • Dragon Strike (Elite): It is a spiritual dragon that crosses walls and walls, liquidating any rival that crosses its path.

Hanzo Keys in Overwatch

Along with Widowmaker, Hanzo is the hero sniper of the game. Only unlike the heroine, she doesn’t have a rapid-fire resource for fast, close-range combat.

The ideal is to use his skills to access high positions and from the protection use the Sniper and team skills. So mainly you have to take a position, camp a bit and locate the enemies.

Of course Hanzo has two attacks that should not be missed:

The scatter arrow allows you to eliminate rivals without exposing yourself. And if we have managed to locate them with the sonic arrow, it will be relatively easy for us, at least, to hit more than one.

And if we manage to execute the dragon attack something similar happens but intensified. Since as it can go through walls we can eliminate enemies that don’t even know where we are

For both attacks without exposing yourself, it is essential to sonic arrow, since it allows us to take advantage of attack skills much more. In addition to being an undoubted help for our colleagues.

Video of Hanzo in Overwatch

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