GTA V Stock Exchange – Earn lots of money with LCN and BAWSAQ!

In Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) not everything is doing missions and creating chaos in the streets. It is important to look for opportunities to earn money and, for this, you should learn to invest in the stock market. Just like in real life, understanding the stock system is essential to making the most money possible.

For this reason, in this guide we share some details that will help you take better advantage of the stock exchanges of GTA V. We will introduce you to the two platforms where you can buy and sell shares, LCN and BAWSAQ. Next, we explain a few details that will help you become rich.

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Keep an eye on the LCN stock market frequently as trends and numbers change over the course of a few hours. The fluctuations in the market are affected by some single player specific events, either from story mode or assassination missions. However, not everything you do in the game will affect this bag. We don’t have that much power!

The way to proceed is to invest in specific markets that are in decline, close to the lowest value. This way you will ensure that you always buy cheap. It is essential that you hold the shares until you see the values ​​rise and are close to a peak. That will be the time to sell it. Always remember this: buy cheap, sells expensive.

To better understand how the markets are moving, it helps to pay attention to each day’s news. Listen to the radio, because it will share information that will be useful to you. Of course, never forget to visit the LCN again and again, because this way you will better see how the trends and the value of the shares are changing.


BAWSAQ stock exchange GTA V

With BAWSAQ, the principles for investing and making money are quite similar to the LCN case. The difference is that you will need connect to the Social Club. The reason for this is that BAWSAQ is influenced by what all the players do in the mode on-line.

The premise is the same as before: buy low and sell high. First of all, we must warn you that this stock market does not always work. Being linked to the mode on-line, Social Club, and various updates, many players have experienced BAWSAQ “freezing” or crashing.

Therefore, it is advisable to take advantage of more LCN and only invest in BAWSAQ markets when it is functional.

market fluctuations

To profit considerably from the stock market, it is essential to study the changes in the market. It is not good to only buy shares in a single company, but it is not beneficial to invest in any company either. The first detail is to take a good look at which companies have the bigger changes Y higher values. Otherwise, you will earn little money.

On the other hand, you must know the rivalry of the companies well. The reason for this is that when the shares of one company are declining, those of the rival company start to rise. This is a detail to keep in mind that will help you predict fluctuations in values.

If the shares of a company tend to rise in the next few hours, you will want to sell them soon but not with their rival company. In this sense, never invest in the two companies of the same rivalry! Always buy shares of several companies that are of different rivalries.

This is the list of all the rivalries between the companies:

  • Bilkington Research vs. Dollar Pills
  • Burgershot vs. Up An Atom Burger
  • Clucking Bell vs. TacoBomb
  • Cool Beans vs. beanmachine
  • eCola vs. Raine
  • FlyUS vs. Air-Emu
  • GoPostal vs. Post OP
  • Maze Bank vs. Bank Of Liberty
  • Pißwasser vs. Logger Beer
  • Radio Los Santos vs. Worldwide FM
  • Redwood Cigarettes vs. Debonaire Tobacco
  • Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter vs. bullhead
  • Merryweather Security vs. Sechs Group

Take advantage of Lester’s missions to invest

GTA V assassination missions

If you follow the story of the game, you will reach a point where Franklin has access to a series of missions proposed by Lester. All of them consist of assassinating important businessmen. This will have vital implications. Each of the affected companies will make its rival grow in the stock market.

To finish the story of the game, you will need to complete Lester’s first mission. After fulfilling it, it is recommended not to do any more assassination missions until the main campaign is finished. Then you will have enough money to take advantage of the consequences of your actions and earn maximum money for your interference in the business world.

Learn about the investments you can make in each assassination mission:

  1. Hotel Murder: invest with all three characters in Beta Pharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ) before starting the quest. Eventually, the stock will go up to a point, and the moment you see it go down, sell it! After this, it is important to invest in Bilkington Research.
  2. The Multiple Murder: buy shares of Debonaire Tobacco (LCN) before starting the mission and sell them when they are at their peak. It is worth keeping an eye on the evolution of Redwood Cigarettes in its decline, as it is sure to rise a lot later.
  3. The Murder of Vice: invest in iFruit (BAWSAQ) before undertaking this mission. It will go up to 50%, a crucial moment for you to sell the shares. Then in Facade, the competition.
  4. The Bus Murder: invest in Vapid Motor Company (BAWSAQ) but don’t buy shares until you complete the mission. After its fall in the stock market, it will rise to almost 150%.
  5. The Murder of the Work: Before starting the mission, buy shares in Gold Coast Development (LCN). The value of the company’s shares will rise to about 80%.

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