Get the Balmung sword in Final Fantasy 15

Last Updated on January 8, 2022 by Miguel S

Here we will show you how to get the Balmung sword in Final Fantasy 15. It is one of the best FF15 swords that Noctis can get

How is the Balmung sword in FF15?

The Balmung sword in Final Fantasy 15 has the most powerful attack of a sword in the entire video game. Specifically, it has a base attack of 446 points, but with a 4% damage increase multiplied by the low magic points we have.

Although as indicated in the description of the weapon itself, its destructive power is reduced as the carrier’s MP is depleted. And also that it gives us magic instead of life.

Clarify that for many it is the best sword in the game, although for color tastes. But we do not mean to say that it is the best weapon in the video game, since there are a few other very interesting weapons, here we leave you a selection of the best. In any case, it is a sword that cannot be missing from our collection.

Where do we find the Balmung Sword in FF15?

To get the Balmung sword in Final Fantasy 15, the first thing we have to do is obtain the secret key from the secret dungeons. Ezma gives it to us when unlocking the secondary mission: Sleeping threats in the luciense kingdom.

We must go to complete the accursed threat that in Steyliff dozes, here you have all the information about the dungeon. We will have to enter at night, so let’s take the opportunity to recover strength in the camp and eat.

Once inside, we will have to go down about 20 rooms, and after defeating a group of 5 Tonberry we will have it on the ground. If you want to know the exact place, watch the video that we leave below.

It is not a particularly difficult dungeon, although a minimum level of 86 is recommended. And if we finish the dungeon and defeat the final boss we can also get the spear skybreaker. The truth is that in all Cursed Threats, there are some spectacular weapons.

Video: Balmung Sword in Final Fantasy 15

Unlike the other spectacular weapons found in Sleeping Threats, the Balmung sword is not found in a camp, but a little before the first. You have to look for it a bit and it is not usually seen at first.

We leave you this video in case you get lost at some point in The Cursed Menace that slumbers in Steyliff. Since in this guide we only want you to find the Balmung sword, we do not make a tutorial on the entire dungeon:

We hope that between the mini guide and the video you can get the Balmung sword with ease. If you have any other questions, you can consult the complete guide to FF 15