Get the Artema sword in Final Fantasy 15

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Here we will show you how to get the Artema sword in Final Fantasy 15. It is one of the best FF15 swords that Noctis can get

How is the Artema sword in FF15?

Along with the Balmung sword, it is considered one of the two best swords in the video game. has a little less than attack power (364), but it gives us +40 health and +30 magic, so it is more complete.

FF15 does not make it easy for us to decide on a weapon in the video game. Between the ancient weapons of FF15 and the best weapons of FF15 that we will find at different times in the game, it is difficult to stay with just one. What is clear is that at the moment we can get the Artema sword it is the best sword we will have available.

How to get the Artema sword in FF15?

To get the Artema sword in Final Fantasy 15 we will need to give Cid the Ex Machina Omega sword along with the hardened horn to obtain it with the improvement. Here you can see all the missions of Cid, where we will improve weapons always in FF 15

Get the sword Ex Machina Omega

This sword is obtained after a few improvements that apply over the Ex Machina that we already have from the beginning.

Now we must improve it. In Chapter 2: Never give up, after finishing the main story, we go to Hammerhead to talk to Cid so he can give us the secondary mission: A more harmful Ex Machina. To make the improvement, Cid will ask us rusty metal that we may have picked up right in the previous dungeon. At the end we will get the Former Machina Beta

And now we must improve it again. In chapter 2 we must perform the secondary mission: Ex Machina Beta deadly like arrow. To complete it we will need the Ex Machina Beta that we already have and the crystal orb, which we can collect in the Maw of Ravatogh dungeon camp at the end of secondary school: A flower for Iris. At the end we will have obtained the Former Machina Omega

Get the horn hardened

We will have to make raids that require hunter level 7, so if we don’t have it, that’s the first thing we’ll have to do.

In the side quests of Chapter 8: Looking to the Horizon, we have to do quite a few side quests in order to get to the restaurant in Old Lestallum to activate the Beat Live Craving.

There we will have to face some mega unicorns for them to drop their fractured horn. The technique is to aim and hit the horn by locking with R1 and jumping. And the recommendation is to use Lux Impetus with the ability to cause fractures with the Lux unlocked.

There is no other way to get the hardened horn, but we may have to repeat the hunt. So we recommend doing a manual save before starting. And repeat it as many times as necessary until you get the hardened horn.

Cid makes us the Artema

We go to Cid and give him the Ex Machina Omega and the hardened horn. We are going to do what we want, we spend the night, and when we wake up we go back to see Cid, who will have the Artema Sword ready for us, the best sword in the video game for many.

Video: Artema Sword in Final Fantasy 15

How to deliver the Ex Machina Omega and the Hardened Horn to Cid has no mystery, we leave you two videos in which you can see how the two objects with which Cid will make us the Artema sword in Final Fantasy 15 are obtained:

Video: Get the sword Ex Machina Omega

This part is not very complicated either, but here is the video:

Video: Getting the horn hardened

As you will see, it is not always achieved the first time, but the technique is the same:

We hope that between the mini guide and the video you can get the Artema sword in Final Fantasy 15 with ease. If you have any other questions, you can consult the complete guide to FF 15