Get rare candies in Pokémon Sun and Moon

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Here we will give you the necessary instructions so that you know where and how to get all the rare candies in Pokémon Sun and Moon

Rare candies in Pokémon Sun and Moon are a very useful object that will help us, among other things, to raise the level of our Pokémon. We’re going to focus on all the locations that aren’t directly accessed in the main story, like when Gumshoos gets kidnapped.

Locations of rare candies in Pokémon Sun and Moon:

Pokemon Center Cafes

For every certain number of Pokéhabas that we have given to our Pokémon, they will simply give us a rare candy. So this is one of the best ways to get them.

Royal Stadium

Here they can also be obtained, although exchanging them for battle points and they are a bit expensive, because they cost 48 BP. It is not the most recommended way to get them since there are more interesting and much cheaper objects, in addition to what it costs to get PB.

Lottery in Hauoli

We enter and one of the possible prizes is a rare candy, we can also get a Master Ball. But it may also not touch us at all, so it’s just one more possibility.

Boardwalk in Hauoli

We go to the beach area, we have to use a Pokémonture to cross to the other side of the Melemele Sea, and to Stoutland once we have arrived so that it can locate it.

Route 6 at the Ohana Ranch in Akala

We go along Route 6 and break the rock on the left with a Taurus charge. And right there we will see our reward.

Route 5 on the Saltagua Hill in Akala

We crossed the bridge, reached the palm tree, and crossed to the next little beach with our mount. Another one will wait for us there, it is very visible.

Route 8 in Jungle Umbria in Akala

We enter the cave, put Stoutland and at the bottom next to the wall you will find it

Akala Avenue Royale Park

We enter the park, we turn right on the screen, we pass in front of a building and we will find it next to some boxes.

In the Village of Po on the Island of Ula Ua

You have to go under some hedges, but better see it in the video at the end of the article (minute 6:46).

In the Sea Village on Pony Island

You have to go to the Pony Meadow. We take the path to the left and go to the bottom to find it in the middle of two rocks.

In Poni Canyon on Poni Island

We enter the cave, and use sharpedo to swim across breaking rocks, until we reach another side where our reward awaits us.

In the Aether Paradise

We go to the Dock, we go to the right of the operator and we are going to look behind the boxes, where the last rare candy will be found

Video: Rare candies and Pokémon Sun and Moon

Here we leave you the ESPALTeam video. In it you can see the locations of all the rare candies in Pokémon Sun and Moon

We hope this guide has served you and you have been able to find all the rare candies in Pokémon Sun and Moon.