Get all the trophies in Mafia III

Last Updated on January 26, 2022 by Miguel S

All Mafia III trophies are rated bronze, silver, gold, and platinum based on their difficulty level. In total there are 56, 50 bronze, 4 silver, 1 gold and 1 platinum.

As in any good video game worth its salt, in Mafia 3 trophies could not be missing. And as in any good video game, it will not be easy for us to get them all. In order to get all the Mafia III trophies, or to get the platinum trophy, we must pass tests in all areas of the game. Lincoln will not have it easy at all to get them all but here we explain how to get them.

As we will see below, if we want to get all the Mafia III trophies we will have to overcome skill challenges with vehicles, killing, learn to earn money and complete missions of all kinds in the game. So it will take us a while to get them all.

Mafia III Trophies: Bronze I

  • Pray your way to heaven: We have to hang Ritchie Doucet from the Ferris wheel
  • it’s a new world: We have to take the butcher to Burke
  • they have to eat: Together with Vito we have to capture Michael Grecco
  • everyone will notice: You have to throw Derazio from the window of his apartment
  • My name is Lincoln Clay.: You have to put a knife in Santangelo’s head
  • a little late for that: We must get Enzo to escape
  • the poor son: Judge Holden must be liquidated
  • It’s something I have to do: We have to pick up our things at Sammy’s bar
  • For the old times: We have to get Cassandra to help us liquidate Marcano
  • you turn around: We have to get Burke to help us liquidate Marcano
  • Are we partners now? We have to get Vito to help us liquidate Marcano
  • Sure, boss.: You have to unlock all partners

Mafia III Trophies: Bronze II

  • They are from the IRA: Complete all of Burke’s side quests.
  • I need a favor: Complete all of Vito’s side quests.
  • A 45 in my hands: Finish all of Cassandra’s side quests
  • Cash: We must collect 150,000 dollars between what we have in the bank and in our pockets.
  • You’re a rich man, kid: We have to earn $500,000
  • Extortionist: We must earn the maximum that one of our businesses allows.
  • We are together in this: We must keep all the sub-bosses alive until “But here we are”
  • Just you and me: We must keep only 1 of our sub-bosses alive
  • Trust: Earn the allegiance of one of the sub-bosses
  • Family: You have to get the loyalty of the three sub-bosses
  • hole in your pocket: You have to spend at least 500,000 dollars
  • Large profits: Earn $10,000 from 1 of the sub-bosses
  • the new boss: You have to hire 16 bosses for business

Mafia III Trophies: Bronze III

  • live another day: You have to hire 15 business confidants
  • no loose ends: We must liquidate all business bosses
  • A souped up 358: You have to put a vehicle over 120 MPH for at least 20 seconds.
  • testing the shock absorbers: You have to get a jump of 50 meters with a vehicle, but managing to land on all 4 wheels.
  • The New Bordeaux Drifter: You have to perform a drift of 5 seconds with a vehicle
  • a nice twist: When we pick up speed with a vehicle, we must make a 180º turn, but without colliding with anything.
  • call the tow truck: You have to get down 10 vehicles.
  • combat specialist: You have to liquidate 300 enemies, but based on knockdowns.
  • sssh: Do 100 stealth takedowns on enemies
  • a closed coffin: You have to do 50 brutal takedowns
  • weaken them all: You have to eliminate all the assassins of a business to completely weaken it.
  • For all!: You have to rob a business, although without having previously liquidated any of its assassins.

Mafia III Trophies: Bronze IV

  • communication network: Bugs need to be set up for listening to the heroin shops in Deltray Hollow
  • Recruited by the special forcess: You have to make 5 headshots (shots in the head) in 5 seconds.
  • Enjoy your meal!: You have to feed a crocodile with a carcass.
  • swim faster next time: When a crocodile eats us
  • sending a message: You have to perform 3 takedowns in a row
  • Code 112: You have to take a police car.
  • Calculated risk: You have to manage to evade a police area after being chased for at least 2 minutes.
  • never saw it coming: Kill an enemy within 2 seconds of kicking open a door.
  • Flambe: You have to get 10 enemies to kill each other with their own Molotov cocktails
  • The relationship with Cuba: We must liquidate Frank Pagani
  • A war going on: You have to burn Remy Duvall on a cross
  • A Jesuit in New Mexico: We have to get Álvarez to escape.

Mafia III Trophies: Silver

  • Like it’s Napalm: Tommy Marcano must be burned until he cannot be recognized.
  • It was very exciting: Olivia Marcano must be left to her fate.
  • but here we are: We must avenge Sammy and Ellis
  • have a good time: We have to gut Lou Marcano

Mafia III Trophies: Gold

  • before they bury you: Lincoln’s fate must be decided

Mafia III Trophies: Platinum

  • Let the good times pass: Finally you have to get all the previous trophies to take the only platinum trophy.

Of course it is not easy to get the 56 trophies of Mafia III, it will take hours and hours to achieve it. But if Mafia 3 has something, it is that the notion of time is lost while we play. So without further ado, good luck and get them all!