Get all the trophies in FIFA 17

Last Updated on January 26, 2022 by Miguel S

All FIFA 17 trophies are rated bronze, silver, gold, and platinum based on their difficulty level. In total there are 45, 32 bronze, 9 silver, 3 gold and 1 platinum.

In order to get all the FIFA 17 trophies, or to get the platinum trophy, we must play all game modes.

As we will see below, if we want to get all the FIFA 17 trophies, we must play in the Ultimate Tean, career, multiplayer, Pro Online, women’s football, El camino, etc. modes. In addition to demonstrating our ability with certain game actions.

We also leave you some tricks, tutorials or tips to easily achieve the objectives. Although you will see that if you want to get them all you will have to dedicate a few hours to them. Since simply by having to change the game mode to get all the FIFA 17 trophies that each one offers, it will take a while.

FIFA 17 Trophies: Bronze I

  • plugged in: You have to score a goal with a low shot, here we leave you the low shot tutorial in FIFA 17
  • How could you swallow that?: You have to score a penalty after making a paradinha, here we leave you the penalty tutorial in FIFA 17
  • pure class: It is achieved by scoring free kicks shooting with the outside, here we leave you the free kick tutorial in FIFA 17
  • aerial threat: You have to score by finishing with a chopped head, here we leave you how to finish with a chopped head in FIFA 17
  • the fair point: You have to score with a defender with a long shot, from 23 meters.
  • They have done their homework: In the same game you have to score two goals after a corner kick, here we leave you the tutorial on how to score a corner in FIFA 17.
  • Where is the ball?: You have to make 10 passes in a row in the vicinity of the rival area and score a goal.
  • first exchange: Complete the 1st Squad Building Challenge in FUT.
  • Teamwork: Complete an entire set of challenges in FUT.
  • Take the opportunity! After signing in FUT, you have to make that player debut.
  • General essay: In Ultimate Team you have to win all 4 FUT Draft matches
  • half century: you have to get the same player to score 50 goals in FUT
  • friendship endures: You have to win a friendly season in FUT
  • Exchange student: You have to incorporate a player on loan from the EAS FC catalog
  • The science of FUT: You have to use a chemistry style in FUT, here we explain the chemistry styles in FUT 17
  • show what you’re worth: Complete a match against Team of the Week in FUT 17.

FIFA 17 Trophies: Bronze II

  • A change in power: You have to change the captain in FUT
  • Public relations: Achieve a brand awareness goal in career mode.
  • positive cash flow: You have to achieve a financial goal in career mode
  • Strategic planning: You have to achieve a youth development goal in career mode
  • show me your skills: You have to beat a game of skill in multiplayer
  • all help is little: You have to complete a match with FIFA Trainer activated.
  • A party? Complete a casual match in Pro Clubs.
  • Are we still friends? You have to finish a season in online friendlies
  • i’m just warming up: Win a match in the Pro Club Seasons League.
  • Improved! You have to invest a skill point in Pro Clubs.
  • Team spirit: After entering a Pro Club Online we must play 1 game in Pro Clubs
  • instant karma: You have to gift an item from the EA Sports catalog
  • Own! An item must be purchased from the EA Sports catalog.
  • To play: You have to play a game in women’s football
  • Unstoppable: You have to score five goals in a women’s game.
  • You have class? You have to score a goal with a classy shot in a women’s game

FIFA 17 Trophies: Silver

  • Telepathy: You have to get an assist by passing between the lines
  • The architect: you have to achieve 3 effective passes between the lines in the vicinity of the rival area
  • 100%: You have to score all the penalties in a round, here we leave you the tutorial of penalties in FIFA 17.
  • Champions! You have to be proclaimed champion in a division in FUT 17 seasons
  • Here we go… You have to prevail in an online head-to-head season division
  • the best of the best: We must be proclaimed champion of the Women’s International Cup
  • best in class: You have to get grade A in all training exercises in El Camino (The journey), without using simulation.
  • hard to get: You have to achieve a transfer value of 8 million pounds in El Camino (The Journey)
  • social media star: Reach 50,000 fans on El Camino

FIFA 17 Trophies: Gold

  • The goalkeeper initiates the attack: You have to score in a play that starts with a powerful serve from the goalkeeper
  • power test: In Ultimate Team, win all four games in an online FUT Draft session
  • The best is yet to come: Finish The Journey

FIFA 17 Trophies: Platinum

  • ball master: You must have achieved all the previous objectives and trophies.

In case in any of the FIFA 17 trophies they are not very clear what to do. Or they are simply not used to some game mode and want to get all the FIFA 17 trophies. We leave you the FIFA 17 career mode tutorial and the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team tutorial