Get all the paintings in Dishonored 2

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The paintings in dishonored 2 are one of the collectibles in the game. There are a total of 27 and they are scattered throughout the game, so here we show you the locations

There are a total of 27 boxes spread across the 9 missions of Dishonored 2. In this article we are going to guide you so you can collect them all. When we succeed we will have unlocked the Art Collector Silver Trophy, here you can see all the trophies of the video game. So now there is an excuse, you have to start looking for pictures!

Frame locations in Dishonored 2 sorted by missions:

1st mission – A long day in Dunwall

one- Custis, Morgan and the postulated son. This is the first painting we will find. It is when you go out to the streets of Dunwall, it is on top of a piece of furniture on the right wall without hanging, it is easily seen.

two- Lady Boyle’s obtuse arguments. We can see it in the laboratory, there will also be money and the combination for the safe (451)

2nd mission – Ends of the world

3- The Stranger of Conditional Dreams. We will find it inside the bathroom, in the main building

4- The Isometry of Supreme Dean Thaddeus Campbell. In the building with the bulletin board, we first get to the first balcony, from there to the lamppost, and from there to the upper balcony. Although not that easy, you have to use powerful wink.

5- The predictive logic of the vice-dean. It is in the position of the deans, but be careful, you have to take it without them knowing.

6- Hypatia’s projective gaze. It is in Hypatia’s apartment, although we will have to take the key, it is in the safe store below.

3rd mission – The good doctor

7- Duke Abele’s Proposal Mood. It is placed in the lobby, next to the voltaic arc

8- Anton Sokolov in a subtractive light. It is stored in the lost and found basement, next to the fifth rune. To get there, from the roof we load the elevator cables with the sword and descend through the fuse boxes.

9- I look at her, inside and out. In the middle of Hypatia’s office, fully visible.

4th mission – The clockwork mansion

10- The spy chief’s axis of asymmetry. We must enter the balcony that we will see from the alley, when we access the room we can see it easily.

eleven- Jindosh considers an odd numerator. In front of the civilian building, you have to transport to the window from the balcony.

12- Grim Alex’s blood topology. When we rescue Sokolov, in the same room, there will also be this painting.

13- Ramsey’s stochastic eyes. When we go out to the street at the beginning of the mission we must transport ourselves to the first balcony and inside the floor we will find it.

14- Light on the reverse curve. It’s in Jindosh’s office, which is in the lab

fifteen- I watch the craftsman. It is located in a secret room, to access it we have to enter the turntable in the studio and exit while it is still turning.

5th mission – Royal Conversation

16- Ashworth inside an existential graph. We must enter the infected building and we will find it hanging on the left

17- I bathed her heart in poison. Found in the room that requires the “Archive Key”, along with the 4th rune and the “Bring Delilah Back” audiograph.

18- My fires burn in Breanna’s marrow. No loss, it’s in Breanna’s office.

6th mission – Dust collector

19- The indiscreet hour of Aramis Stilton. We have to go through two windows on the fourth floor of the Deans’ Stand.

twenty- Paolo and the inaccessible cardinal. No loss, it is in Paolo’s office

twenty-one- Vera Moray and the stash of her skin. There is no loss either, it is in the room next to Paolo’s office.

7th mission – A crack in the slab

22- The quaternionic moan of the torturer. Going right into the butterfly room

23- The Talking Rats and the Afflicted. It is located inside the vault

8th mission – The great palace

24- Daud and the Parable of the Lost Seasons. In the infected building that we will find next to the watchtower, we will see it inside, hanging on a wall

25- my name on her lips. No loss, it’s in Duke Abele’s office

26- her face is my smile. It also has no loss, it is found in the room with a piano by Delilah Copperspoon

9th mission – Death to the empress

27- Luca and his gaze on me. It’s the last of the frames in Dishonored 2 and we’ll see it directly down the main path.

And we will have already found all the paintings in Dishonored 2 and we will also have completed the “Art Collector” trophy.

Video: Location of paintings in Dishonored 2

In case you have not clarified yourself with any explanation, or if you simply prefer to see it with images, here we leave you the video with the locations of the 27 frames in Dishonored 2

We hope that this guide to the paintings in Dishonored 2 has served you and it does not cost you much to find them all. There are of course more collectibles in Dishonored 2, so stay tuned for upcoming guides.