Get all the babies in Pokémon Go

Last Updated on January 17, 2022 by Miguel S

Next we will explain the keys to get all the new Pokémon Go babies. Right now a total of 7

Niantic begins 2022 with arguments to revitalize a video game that broke all records when it burst onto the market. Before Christmas they announced the arrival of second-generation Pokémon that would appear in Poképaradas eggs. And they are finally being seen.

What Pokémon Go babies can you get?

Reviewing social networks, you can already see more Pokémon babies than those initially confirmed, although doing a review we see that there are still a few to be incorporated.

Only Togepi and Pichu were confirmed, but at least we know of 5 more. Right now you can get a total of 7 babies:

  • elekid: baby by Electabuzz
  • cleffa: Clefalry’s baby
  • Igglybuff: Jigglypuff’s baby
  • smoochum: Jynx baby
  • Magby: Magmar’s baby
  • pichu: Pikachu’s baby
  • Togepi:togetic baby

Although there are still a few Pokémon Go babies that should not take long to arrive:

  • munchlax: Snorlax baby
  • tyrogue:hilmonlee baby
  • Azure: Marill’s baby
  • Wynaut: Wobbuffet baby
  • budew: Roselia’s baby
  • Chingling: Chimecho breeding
  • bonsly: Sudowodo baby
  • Mime Jr.: Mr. Mime’s baby
  • Happy:chansey’s baby
  • Riolu: Lucario’s baby
  • Mantyke: mantine’s baby

As soon as they come out, we will keep you informed.

How can we get the new babies?

New Pokémon Go babies can only be obtained through eggs. They will be obtained randomly in the 2 km, 5 km and 10 km eggs that we will get at the Poképaradas and then we will have to put them in the incubator. Although each of the new babies will find themselves in a type of egg:

  • 2 km: Cleffa and Igglybuff, just like their parents.
  • 5 km: Pichu and Togepi, the latter had no first generation evolution, so they assigned this one.
  • 10km: Elekid, Smoochum and Magby, just like their parents.

Pokémon breeding was added in the second generation, in Pokémon Gold and Silver. So we had to drop off a couple (or a Ditto) at the Pokémon Nursery to get an egg.

Niantec has adjusted the way these babies appear with Poképaradas, in which from now on we will obtain them in a slightly more random way. And from there we can incorporate them into our Pokédex.

Although it is only a detail and there is hardly any information about it, we dropped that in the third generation they could already be captured in the grass, so it may be that way from now on.

What are Pokémon Go babies like?

It is not that they are fighting machines, neither for combat points nor because they have any unstable attack, but from the first minute, they could fight.

The advantage of Pokémon Go babies is that although they are not very practical at first, based on candies and evolutions they can become much higher than what we could capture directly.

So taking into account if we are interested in the evolution that each one may have, we will have to decide if we evolve it or keep it for our collection.

Video: A new Pokémon Go baby

Here we leave you a video of youtuber David Petit in which we see how these new Pokémon Go babies are achieved. Specifically, get Magby, Magmar’s baby.

We hope that this information has been useful to you and that you can get hold of all the Pokémon Go hatchlings. We will inform you of news about it, and of any other hatchling that begins to appear in the eggs. As well as the legendary ones, of which there is beginning to be information.