Find out how to summon gold knights in Saint Seiya Awakening!

Summoning knights is one of the most fun, and at times frustrating, mechanics in Saint Seiya Awakening. It is the main way to unlock new characters, which can be of different rarities or ranks. There is a method to increase your chances of getting gold knights, i.e. S rank, and A rank: aim for the right constellations!

Attention: this technique has not been confirmed by the developers of the game. However, many players have commented that you can get knights of rarity S and A quickly, using these tips. It is important to understand that the method does not guarantee you one or the other character, but rather increases the chances. Good luck!

Tips to Summon More Gold Knights

First of all, in the invocation menu that is located in the lower left corner of the window, one of these three southern luck will always be written:

  • lucky (lucky)
  • Luckier (Luckier)
  • The luckiest

As you can imagine, this meter indicates the southern luck you have at that moment. Therefore, always try to summon when the marker indicates “Luckiest”. Don’t waste your resources trying to summon on other days with worse luck.

In the case of Advanced Summon and Thematic Summon, also notice what phrase is written below the southern luck. Depending on the phrase that comes out, before clicking the summon button make sure to point the compass at specific points in the sky.

Find out all the possible variables and which constellation you should point to before invoking:

Sentence Constellation

The times change

(Times are Changing)

Do not point to any particular constellation

southern luck

(Astral Luck)

You can aim at any point in space, whether there is a constellation or not

luck of the north

(Nothern Luck)

Pegasus (Pegasus)

22°06’39”, 23h8m0s

western luck

(Western Luck)


25°47’51”, 2h8m9s


0°44’45”, 12h14m35s

eastern luck

(Eastern Luck)

Sagittarius (Sagittarius)

-37°33’9″, 19h13m5s

In the midst of Hunting Dogs (Hound), Leo and Virgo

17°55’29”, 12h3m42s


-15°8’17”, 15h1m16s

Scorpio (Scorpio)

-28°33’56”, 16h8m26s


-46°29’20”, 21h14m25s

luck of the south

(Southern Luck)


25°47’51”, 2h8m9s

Cancer (Cancer)

3°43’51”, 8h9m50s

beginnings and endings

(Beginnings and Endings)

Between Aries and Pisces

17°48’34”, 1h14m43s

almost infinite curiosity

(Near Endless Curiosity)

Scorpio (Scorpio)

-28°33’56”, 16h8m26s

Hunting Dogs (Hounds)

38°2’17”, 12h9m27s

Three constellations are in luck

(Three Constellations are in luck)

Scorpio (Scorpio)

-28°33’56”, 16h8m26s

Time flies

(Time Flies)

Scorpio (Scorpio)

-28°33’56”, 16h8m26s

Taurus (Taurus)

18°9’47”, 4h8m12s

Fire indicates the arrival of good fortune

(Fire Indicates the Arrival of Good Fortune)


0°44’45”, 12h14m35s

Sagittarius (Sagittarius)

-37°23’53”, 19h11m40s

You do not need to point the compass at the exact coordinates that we have described above. As long as you aim close, that’s enough. Also make sure you accumulate enough gems to try multiple times. In this way, you will only have to leave the compass still, and then you will only have to try your luck!

Other ways to increase your odds

New account in Advanced Summon– If you haven’t unlocked a Golden Knight yet, your first 20 attempts at this type of summon will have a better chance of getting them. The goal is to ensure that new accounts get at least one gold knight as quickly as possible.

After those 20 tries, the odds return to normal:

  • S Rank (Gold Knight): two%
  • A-rank: twenty%
  • Rank B: 78%

Thematic Summon: For each week, this type of invocation is dedicated to a different golden knight, for a limited time. In this mode, the chances of obtaining a specific knight are higher, so it is useful if you are looking for a specific character.

That’s it for how to get S rank summons in Saint Seiya Awakening! May fortune smile on you.

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