Find all Mafia 3 collectibles

Last Updated on January 26, 2022 by Miguel S

Mafia 3 collectibles are scattered throughout New Bordeaux. In this guide we show you where each one is so you can complete them without going crazy.

There are a total of 250 collectibles, so in order not to saturate the guide, we link each of them within each collectible. So that through videos they can locate them all without problems in the different districts. We also added maps so you can see all the locations at a glance and take advantage of quest runs to find them.

As we mentioned, there are a total of 250 Mafia 3 collectibles. Of these, 89 are distribution boxes, 50 Playboy magazines, 33 Vargas paintings, 30 album covers, 12 Hot Rod magazines, 31 communist propaganda posters and 5 Repent magazines. Hangar 13 has wanted to pay tribute in its video game to those icons of the time in which it is set. New Bordeaux is a representation of the New Orleans of 1968, so with the illustrations of the collectibles we wanted to achieve greater realism in the settings.

First of all mention that Mafia 3 collectibles have no utility or grant any advantage in the game. They are a challenge that we can review in the collectible menu in Mafia 3.

Playboy magazines in Mafia 3

As we have said, there 50 Playboy magazines spread over the districts. Who does not know this mythical magazine? In 1968, the year in which the video game is set, Playboy magazine already had 15 years since its launch. Its popularity reached its peak precisely in the late 1960s and early 1970s. And not only in the US, where it managed to catch on among Americans, Playboy was already a world reference.

See Playboy Magazine locations in Mafia 3

Paintings of Vargas in Mafia 3

As we mentioned there is 33 Paintings of Vargas scattered around New Bordeaux. Vargas was a painter of Peruvian origin who immigrated to the United States at a very young age. His pin-up paintings of women, the Vargas Girls, were made famous by Esquire magazine, though their popularity was made much greater by Playboy magazine, around the time the video game is set.

See locations of the Vargas Paintings in Mafia 3

Album Covers in Mafia 3

As we anticipated, there 30 Album Covers spread over the districts. Obviously they are record or album covers from the video game era. Among others, we can find album covers of The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, Johny Cash, Aretha Franklin, Cream, Diana Ross and The Supremes, The Templations, etc. That said, the best of the music of the 60s. And they are not only Mafia 3 collectibles, they are also an opportunity to listen again to great songs that marked an era.

See locations of the Album Covers in Mafia 3

Hot Rod Magazines in Mafia 3

As we mentioned, there 12 Hot Rod Magazines in the video game. Another of the great classics of the time, some magazines that combined news related to the motor world with a spicy tone. They lived their golden age in the late 60s and early 70s, and although their popularity has now diminished, the video game Mafia 3 has not forgotten them and has included them in the tribute.

See locations of the Hot Rod Magazines in Mafia 3

Communist Propaganda in Mafia 3

In total there are 31 communist propaganda posters distributed by the scenes of Mafia 3. The planet was divided between communists and capitalists. The cold war, the war in Vietnam and the Cuban missiles were the cause of many communist demonstrations in the US, and the video game Mafia 3 has not been able to forget about it in search of a faithful representation of the setting of the streets of New Bordeaux.

See locations of the Communist Propaganda in Mafia 3

Repent Magazines in Mafia 3

They are the rarest Mafia 3 collectibles, with a total of 5 Sudden Magazines hidden by the video game. These are magazines with religious content about which there is currently hardly any information on the internet, but which became popular at the time the video game was set in the USA.

Since there are only 5 and we have found a video with all the locations, we show them to you right here:

Distribution boxes in Mafia 3

They are the most abundant Mafia 3 collectibles in the video game, the 89 Distribution boxes scattered throughout New Bordeaux account for 35% of the collectibles that we can find. So it will be the collectible to which we will have to spend the most time.

See locations of Distribution Boxes in Mafia 3

Going blind, finding all of the collectibles in Mafia 3 will take a while. So we hope that with this guide with the locations it will be easier for you to find them all. Or at least those that are missing to complete their collections.

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