FIFA 22 Career Mode Teams: The Best, Biggest Budget, and Small Teams

FIFA 22 Career Mode offers you the opportunity to lead a team to glory and win major competitions. Here we propose dozens of clubs to experience FIFA 22 Career mode at its best. We feature the best teams and the biggest budget teams, plus a few humble little teams for those who want a challenge.

The best teams for Career mode

In the table below you will see which are the best teams that exist in FIFA 22. We have ordered them according to the average team, and we tell you which league they belong to and the budget they have. If you want to fight for the trophy and the podium from the start, these teams are ideal.

Team Half Budget League
Paris Saint-Germain 86 160M French Ligue 1
Manchester City 85 176M English Premier League
Bayern Munchen 84 100M 1. German Bundesliga
Liverpool 84 95M English Premier League
Man Utd 84 175M English Premier League
Atletico Madrid 84 68.5M LaLiga Santander of Spain
Real Madrid 84 150M LaLiga Santander of Spain
FC Barcelona 83 130M LaLiga Santander of Spain
Chelsea 83 85M English Premier League
Juventus (as Piemonte Calcio in FIFA 22) 83 105M Italian Serie A
Tottenham Hotspur 82 72.5M English Premier League
Inter de Milan 82 99.5M Italian Serie A
Sevilla F.C. 82 34.5M LaLiga Santander of Spain
Borussia Dortmund 81 60M 1. German Bundesliga
RB Leipzig 80 50M 1. German Bundesliga
Villarreal CF 80 33M LaLiga Santander of Spain
leicester city 80 50M English Premier League
Real society 80 15.5M LaLiga Santander of Spain
Naples 80 56M Italian Serie A
Lazio (as Latium in FIFA 22) 80 39.5M Italian Serie A

Teams with more budget

In this section you will find the 20 teams with the highest budget in FIFA 22. These clubs are ideal to form the team of your dreams in Career mode, since you will have a lot of money to make transfers. Money isn’t everything in Career mode, but it sure helps!

Team Budget Half League
Manchester City 176M 85 English Premier League
Man Utd 175M 84 English Premier League
Paris Saint-Germain 160M 86 French Ligue 1
Real Madrid 150M 84 LaLiga Santander of Spain
FC Barcelona 130M 83 LaLiga Santander of Spain
Juventus (as Piemonte Calcio in FIFA 22) 105M 83 Italian Serie A
Bayern Munchen 100M 84 1. German Bundesliga
Inter de Milan 99.5M 82 Italian Serie A
Liverpool 95M 84 English Premier League
Chelsea 85M 83 English Premier League
Arsenal 77.5M 79 English Premier League
Tottenham Hotspur 72.5M 82 English Premier League
Atletico Madrid 68.5M 84 LaLiga Santander of Spain
Borussia Dortmund 60M 81 1. German Bundesliga
Valencia CF 60M 77 LaLiga Santander of Spain
Hertha BSC 60M 75 1. German Bundesliga
Naples 56M 80 Italian Serie A
RB Leipzig 50M 80 1. German Bundesliga
leicester city 50M 80 English Premier League
Olympique Lyonnais 50M 79 French Ligue 1

Small and humble teams

Finally, the teams in the following table are perfect if you are looking for a great challenge. These clubs are far from the best and have a lot of budget. Considering the variety of divisions in the leagues, it is harder to win the league or move up a division with some teams than others. You will have to work hard to succeed!

Team Half Budget League
Elche CF 75 1.7M LaLiga Santander of Spain
Malaga CF 70 10M LaLiga Smartbank of Spain
SD Amorebieta 65 1.5M LaLiga Smartbank of Spain
Brentford 73 18M English Premier League
blackpool 66 2.1M EFL Championship of England
oxford united 65 1M England EFL League One
Carlisle United 62 500K England EFL League Two
Stadium of Reims 73 8.5M French Ligue 1
Paris F.C. 67 5.5M France Ligue 2
SC Bastia 64 2.1M France Ligue 2
VfL Bochum 72 3.3M 1. German Bundesliga
hansa rostok 67 650K 2. German Bundesliga
Viktoria Koln 65 500K 3. German League
SC Freiburg II 60 2.6M 3. German League
La Spezia 71 4M Italian Serie A
Venice 70 2.7M Italian Serie A
Patronage 67 2M Argentine Professional Football League
Puebla 68 3.7M Mexican League MX
Guiana miners 61 1.3M CONMEBOL South American
New York Red Bulls 68 24.5M USA/Canada Major League Soccer
sparta rotterdam 68 6M Netherlands Eredivisie
Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic 59 3.5M Chinese Super League
Longford Town 55 500K Irish Premier Division

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