Extra Pockets Trophy in Resident Evil 7 – Bronze

Last Updated on January 24, 2022 by Miguel S

Next we will show you how to get the Extra Pockets trophy in Resident Evil 7. A silver trophy but not excessively complicated

Extra Pockets Trophy in Resident Evil 7

The “Extra Pockets” trophy says to increase our item space.

How do you get the trophy?

In order to increase our space for objects we will need find one of the three backpacks available in RE7. There’s one in the old house, one in the main house, and the last one is in the beached ship. We can go for any of the 3, so we give you the three options:

one- Old house: We access the old house over the bridge and enter through the door. Then we turn left and then we open the door on the right, we advance to the right to the end to exit through a door on the left. We turn left along the corridor, open the door in front of us, turn right and go out into the hall. Exterior. We headed to the stand open from the bottom and inside we will see the first backpack.

two- Main house: We go up the stairs to the right of the hall from the main house and open the only door that we will find on our way. We cross the bedroom until the door on the other side and when you open it we will see the backpack on a shelf.

3- stranded ship: In the first floor we go through the corridor that is right next to the lift. We pass in front of two doors, and at the third, one on the corner, we enter. There we will directly see the backpack on a table.

But well, to overcome the Extra Pockets trophy it is enough that we get one of the three backpacks, the one that catches us closest.

Video: Extra pockets in Resident Evil 7

Here we leave you with the video of the youtuber GPAP. In it you will see how you have to do to overcome the Extra Pockets trophy in RE7. And by the way the location of the three backpacks as well.

We hope that this guide to the Extra Pockets trophy in Resident Evil 7 has been useful to you. If you want to see how to get others, you can see the RE7 trophies guide, where we will also explain each one.