EVS training in Pokémon Sun and Moon

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In this EVS Training guide in Pokémon Sun and Moon we will explain the main methods behind the news introduced by Game Freak

As we mentioned, Game Freak has introduced substantial innovations in the EV training methods, suppressing hordes, among other things. So we will review how they work in the latest installment of the saga. Now we will have chains, Festi Plaza and Pokéresort as the main resources to develop EVS training in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

How to know the EVs?

The main novelty in this sense is that before when selecting Supertraining we came directly to the EVs at the bottom of the screen. Currently, directly in the data of the Pokémon we will see a graph in which we can see your current statistics and the potential that they have to develop.

Several colors are used, in yellow we will see the base statistics, in orange the accumulated ones for each statistic, and intermittently if it can no longer be improved

When we reach the maximum in training we can obtain the Effort Ribbon. For this we will have to go to the Royal Stadium to claim it, and if they do not give it to us, it is because we still have to complete it.

Strong objects to enhance training

There are also new features here, as they have gone from giving 4 EVs to 8 EVs for a specific stat after beating another Pokémon. Although the Pokémon we want to train must wear it.

  • strong band: Gives 8 base special defense EVs but reduces combat speed to 50%.
  • strong bracer: Gives 8 base attack EVs but reduces combat speed by 50%.
  • tough fringe: Gives 8 base speed EVs but reduces combat speed by 50%.
  • tough lens: Gives 8 base special attack EVs but reduces combat speed by 50%.
  • heavy weight: Gives 8 base HP EVs but reduces combat speed to 50%.
  • strong belt: Gives 8 base defense EVs but reduces combat speed by 50%.

All of them can be purchased at Stadium Royale for a price of 16 BP.

SOS combat multiplies EVs

Another novelty is that there are no more hordes. But now we can use chains and distress calls to achieve the same results.

In an SOS combat the Pokémon in distress call on other wild Pokémon for help, which are also almost always of the same species. So you can make a combat chain and reap the benefits. Which basically consist of taking a stat to the maximum after making a chain of 7 victories.

To achieve the maximum benefits of the chain we have to be equipped with pokerus, which doubles the effort points received, and with a strong object, which increases them by 8 (before applying Pokérus and doubling). Whoever fights, the benefits of the Pokérus will apply to all our Pokémon. But the heavy item buffs will only apply to the one equipped with it.

Festi Plaza, improving with Festimonedas

The Festi Plaza is another great resource to get EVs. In it there are stores where we can earn EVs from each stat. And although they only have daily use, we can have more than one store to make the most of them.

In principle we will need either to interact with other players, or to pay the cost of the EV increments in its price in festive coins. And fundamentally there are two types of stores that interest us for the EVS Training in Pokémon Sun and Moon, those of hobbies (course in English) and those of meal (the restaurants)

Mention that there is also the option of reduce EVs in exchange for friendship thanks to the trinkets. So if we want to restore them, this is the method.


It is a similar method to growing berries on the key. It basically consists of stop training Pokémon on the islands, although first of all it is convenient to optimize the key.

We can have up to 3 simultaneous training groups per island of up to 3 levels. And obviously at a higher level, more benefits. And if we want to enhance it even more, we can do it thanks to the poke beans, which double the training speed

workouts last 30 min, and report these stat improvements based on level:

  • 1st Level: 1 EVs per training (2 EVs with Poké Beans)
  • 2nd Level: 2 EVs per training (4 EVs with Poké Beans)
  • 3rd Level: 4 EVs per training (8 EVs with Poké Beans)

Video: EVS training in Pokémon Sun and Moon

Here we leave a video of youtuber RetroTrainer. In it they will be able to review the training methods. In case you need to delve into any of the questions raised:

We hope that this EVS Training guide in Pokémon Sun and Moon has been useful to you and that you can maximize your results.